Apple pre-installed on the iPhone and iPad many default applications. But the App Store has many apps that can replace these default apps, many of which have better quality apps.

iPhone and iPad have many applications that cannot be erased until iOS 10. This limitation is removed with the default applications. If you had to use parallel applications between the new and the default application, then we can now install good third-party applications instead of the default application on iOS.

So, in today's article I will introduce you to 16 apps that outperform the default iPhone / iPad app.


1.Microsoft Outlook

The first app I would like to introduce to you is Microsoft Outlook.

Compared to the default Mail app, Microsoft Outlook (free) has too many advantages. The Outlook application has long been known for its Windows version, and now it has many useful features, such as creating filters, flagging emails, and checking all attachments. Outlook also has built-in calendar and contacts based on your contacts.

Microsoft Outlook

  • Developer:Microsoft Corporation.
  • Size: 196MB.
  • Cost: Free.
Link download: IOS

2.EasilyDo: another replacement for the Mail app

An application also talks about Mail, position number 2 in this article is EasilyDo.Not only is an email application and notification of incoming mail, EasilyDo (free) does more than that with the ability to sync accounts, tracking and notifications from other applications such as Facebook, Instagram,Ever Note or even Dropbox and many other applications.

EasilyDo has the ability to automatically scan your purchase emails, appointments, schedules, and categorize them into separate items that appear on the app.

EasilyDo another replacement for the Mail app

  • Developer:Edison Software Inc.
  • Size: 103MB.
  • Cost: Free.
Link download: IOS

3.Google Calendar: a great calendar app

3rd place belongs to the calendar application,Google Calendar. Whether you use Google Calendar (free) on your computer, mobile or not, you will find it very familiar to experience this app instead of Apple's default calendar application.

Just like Apple's calendar, the Google Calendar app accesses data from Google, Facebook or iCloud, but the app has a much nicer presentation. The interface of Google Calendar looks very intuitive and highly customizable.

Google Calendar: a great calendar app

  • Developer:Google, Inc.
  • Size: 127MB.
  • Cost: Free.
Link download:IOS

4.Note application: use Evernote

The 4th place will be an application for your notes.Although Apple's note application in recent years has been significantly improved over the past few years, Evernote (free) is still the best note-taking application on iOS.

With Evernote, you can create notes from photos, files and review them right after. In addition, Evernote can set up reminders, tagging notes to help you organize better. The Evernote search feature is also very powerful when scanning PDF files and other documents. Most importantly, Evernote supports multiple platforms so it can sync with all your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop devices.

Note application: use Evernote

  • Developer:Evernote.
  • Size: 177MB.
  • Cost: Free.
Link download: IOS

5.Map app: use Google Maps

The fifth app is an extremely familiar app for all of us, a map application: Google Maps.Apple has improved its mapping application much better than before, but if we talk about the most reliable mapping application, none other than Google Maps deserves the title with huge data.

Google Maps is a simple, easy-to-use application that addresses, street names in great detail whether you're walking, driving, biking or bus riding. Google also said that a portion of Google Maps data is taken from Android phones that move around the globe and are processed through algorithms to provide the fastest route possible.

Map app: use Google Maps

  • Developer:Google, Inc.
  • Size: 129MB.
  • Cost: Free.
Link download:IOS

6.Recording application: use Recordium Pro

The field of recording is the field of the app located at number 6 in this article.Talking about recording, Apple's Voice Memos application is not bad, but Recordium Pro is more detailed, more excellent in features. RecordiumPro allows you to edit your recording immediately and be able to synchronize with other cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox. But you should consider before using RecordiumPro because this app is not free, the price of the app is $9.99.

Recording application: use Recordium Pro

  • Developer:Pichak co.
  • Size:18.6MB.
  • Cost: Free.
Link download: IOS

7.Music app: Spotify is better

The seventh position of this article belongs to music, a very attractive field and everyone is interested in it.Apple Music is Apple's online music service, where you pay monthly for access to the entire music section of Apple Music. But according to Businessinsider, Apple Music is not really good, compared to the workflow and the arrangement of Spotify (free), Apple Music seems more complex. Spotify has many unique features, intelligent design and easy to help you discover the music more suited to yourself.

Music app: Spotify is better

  • Developer:Spotify Ltd.
  • Size: 143MB.
  • Cost: Free.
Link download: IOS

8.Weather app: use Dark Sky Weather

The eighth app is about a very important topic,its weather. If you're satisfied with Apple's weather application, which works pretty well, the information comes from reputable weather channels, but Dark Sky Weatheris not only accurate but more detailed than the Appledefault app. This app has the ability to forecast accurately by the hour, predicting weather in the week and next week. When you activate GPS, Dark Sky will automatically notify you when the weather changes like rain or snow in your place.Of course to pay for the greatness of Dark Sky, you have to spend $3.99.

Weather app: use Dark Sky Weather

  • Developer:Jackadam.
  • Size: 20.8MB.
  • Cost:$3.99.
Link download: IOS

9.Replace for Safari: give Mercury a try

The 9th application in the article today will be the subject of the browser.Although Mercury is not well-known and used like Safari or Chrome on mobile, it's really great. Not only does it load fast, it also has a lot of cool features that you can only see on the computer's browser.

The first is the ability to sync with Chrome, Firefox from bookmark to Reading mode, and the ability to save files from the web or change the wallpaper and open 10 tabs at the same time. Mercury also supports landscape browsing, screen capture, even drawing on the screen. And there are many more features available in Mercury from plugins like LastPass, Google Translate, especially AdBlock and private browsing.

Replace for Safari: give Mercury a try

  • Developer:iLegendsoft,Inc.
  • Size: 21.47MB.
  • Cost: Free.
Link download: IOS

10.Create text: use Word

The 10th application that I want to introduce to you is an application that talks about creating text.A very useful application in any smart mobile device."Pages" of Apple has many useful but not easy to read on the small screen of the iPhone. Bringing Word (free) to the iPhone, Microsoft has put in many modes to help users read and use the familiar text format. Word applications are easy to write and easy to format text and image documents, while moving to other devices ensures smooth formatting.

Create text: use Word

  • Developer:Microsoft Corporation.
  • Size: 345MB.
  • Cost: Free.
Link download: IOS

11.Health Care: use MyfitnessPal

The 11th app is an app that we should not ignore. This is an application that talks about human health.Apple's healthcare applications can be obtained from a variety of sources but it is not possible to track a large number of fitness equipment. But MyFitnessPal (free) is different. This app can track more than one health care software, such as diet tracking with a food database or barcode scanning. MyFitnessPal is also capable of setting up with over 60 different fitness equipment, tracking and providing users with general overview about their body, health situation. Note achievements, track time and share results with friends are also highlights of this app.

Health Care: use MyfitnessPal

  • Developer:MyFitnessPal.com.
  • Size: 154MB.
  • Cost: Free.
Link download:  IOS

12.Video editing application: Videoshop

The 12th application is the application that will bring a lot of fun, humor as well as its popularity in the speed development of the internet today.It's an application that talks about video editing.Videoshop makes it easy to cut and combine videos on your iPhone. You can also add filters, music or apply slow motion or fast motion. Once completed, you can easily share them on social networks with a single button. The price to own Videoshop is$1.99.

Video editing application: Videoshop

  • Developer:Appsolute Inc.
  • Size: 87.1MB.
  • Cost:$1.99.
Link download: IOS

13.Replace for Keynote: use Powerpoint

The 13th application that I want to mention in this article is Powerpoint, a very familiar name when you use a Windows computer.Keynote is a "slideshow creation and editing" application with many transition effects and a variety of formatting options, but it's not comparable to PowerPoint (free) from Microsoft. Powerpoint lets you create slideshows and sync them with all your devices or view them on the big screen. You can also draw your own slide shows on your iPhone.

Replace for Keynote: use Powerpoint

  • Developer:Microsoft Corporation
  • Size: 344MB.
  • Cost: Free.
Link download: IOS

14.Replace for iTunes U: try Khan Academy

The 14th application is very useful for those who are still in school. That's Khan Academy.iTunes U is a great app for students who want to view lectures from top universities in history, science or foreign languages and even financial economics. Apple is working with a number of teachers in Europe and America.

Khan Academy (free) also offers the same features as iTunes U but with a more intuitive interface, allowing you to choose what you want to learn, then learn more about the topics, courses and videos. Khan Academy also owns data about tests so you have the best preparation for the SAT or MCAT. SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is a standardized test for enrollment in several US universities. The MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) is an exam for students who want to study medicine.

Replace for iTunes U: try Khan Academy

  • Developer:Khan Academy.
  • Size: 169MB.
  • Cost: Free.
Link download: IOS

15.About Stocks: use Stocks Tracker

The 15th app that we're going to talk about is stocks.Apple's stock tracking app does not seem to have much interest. But for those who are interested in stock information, Apple's stock is just childish compared to Stocks Tracker. This app tracks the indicators, currencies, forecasts including bitcoin that are constantly updated. Stocks Tracker also comes with a very useful price conversion tool, plus the ability to alert and track stocks up or down in any market.

About Stocks: use Stocks Tracker

  • Developer:Dajax LLC.
  • Size: 41.4MB.
  • Cost: Free.
Link download: IOS


The 16th application is also a very familiar name. If we were talking about Word and Powerpoint then in this final position, I would like to introduce you to the ExcelApple's Numbers are useful for graphing but Excel (free) is still the best spreadsheet application today. In addition to the synchronization feature on the device, Excel on the iPhone also equipped with a special keyboard to enter the formula faster, simpler and easier than the standard keyboard.


  • Developer:Microsoft Corporation
  • Size: 332MB.
  • Cost: Free.
Link download: IOS


Maybe you are familiar and are satisfied with the current application installed on your iPhone. But the above app has all the advantages and most of them are free. So why not experiment with them to verify what I say is true? Also, you can also suggest these app to your friends or relatives who are using the iPhone just like you. In my opinion, experiencing new things is always fun, especially when they create a better experience than what you have.