To begin with Fallout 4, players have to create their characters by choosing to support one amongst the four factions. Each side has different beliefs and interests which will determine the fate of the Commonwealth community, and each of those groups contain a series of thrilling events which is awaiting you to figure out.

The four factions would be: The Minutemen, The Brothers of Steel, The Railroad and The Institute. So, in order to get the best experience with your decisions, stick with us through these following tips!

How to play

The biggest clue to help you make your decision on which faction would give you the best ending ever is to get to know clearly, completely all of four factions as well as their convictions.

The Minutemen Ending

The Minutemen could be considered as the most neutral faction in this game because living freely is what they are chasing for, and it seems like there is no other faction can have problems with them. Nevertheless, you will have to associate with the Railroad faction if you decide to side with the Minutemen, which means you are forced to fight with both the Institude and the Brotherhood of Steel.

Building eight settlements throughout the Commonwealth is one of the very first thing that you need to do.

After that, the Minutemen woulld destroy the Prydwen airship in order to get rid of the Brotherhood of Steel. This can seems to be a bit surprisingly cause attacking the Brotherhood is a bit too aggressivewhilethe Minutemen basically desire peace for the citizens of the Commonwealth.

As long as the Brotherhood of Steel is destroyed, the Institude will become the Minuteman’s target. This links with betraying Father as well as developing a nuclear reactor which will destroy the Institude from the inside. Eventually, the Commonwealth could have a life of freedom and keep their communities peacefully.

The Railroad Ending

Joining the Railroad faction is like saying "Synth freedom is more valuable than human life." Players will have to fight against the Brotherhood of Steel and the Institute. Meanwhile, they also have to stay on the Institude’s good side long enough to let a secret spyget into the organization. The spy will help you to plant an explosive on the Institude’s nuclear reactor.

To defeat the Brotherhood of Steel, you will be sent to the Prydwen airship with Tinker Tom in order to plant explosive charges on the ship’s hydrogen gasbags.

When leaving the Institude building, you can have a chance to save a Synth boy who believes you as his parent. At this moment, if you believe he deserve an opportunity to live between the human beings, then let your morality choose the best option for the Railroad faction ending.

The Brotherhood of Steel Ending

It’s just a piece of cake to realize that the Brotherhood of Steel is definitely fighters. They anti everything relating to Super Mutants, Ghouls, or Synths, which could considertheir objective as to strike down the Railroad faction as well as the Institude. They are not only have a deep passion in fighting but also have a hero complex of some sort cause they’re excessively active in gathering pre-war technology.

After choosing to become an enemy of the Railroad and Institute factions, you will have to pick up a task from the Railroad HQ to ebolish all of the Railroad’s members. The next step in the attack plan is to make the Liberty Prime machine utilized again.

Then you will have to work with Proctor Ingram and Dr. Li in order to reconstruct it by collecting materials to remake some neccesary factors and the Prime will be ready for the battle afterwards.The following plan is the same compared to other factions: booming the Institude by planting an explosive on the nuclear reactor.

The  Institute Ending

The Institude is the one who totally on the contrary with the Railroad, and of course, Synths is not listed on their concerns. However, they think it no need to obliterate them because they are machines even though their characteristics and features are considered close by human qualities. In their opinions, you can choose to be with them or not, but if you are opposed to them, they’ll eliminate you even if you are human.

Siding with the Institude simply means that you need to complete a variety of tasks given by Father. You will have to record a speech about all of the attempts that the Institude have done and broadcast it throughout the citizens of the Commonwealth. Once again, choosing the Institude will make you become an enemy with both the Railroad and the Brotherhood of Steel factions.

The first task you need to complete is to abolish all of the Railroad leaders. You may find them in the Old North Church, but in case you meet any stragglers wander inside the Commonwealth, you should better mark them on your map. Next, you need to wipe out a numerous generators by breaking into Boston Airport, it will help the Institute Synth to hack the Liberty Prime. Finally, the massive Brotherhood of Steel airship will be completely crashed into the ground.


To sum up, the four factions are mentioned above  will determine which one is available after the ending of the main story. Therefore, choose it carefully and enjoy your adventure, but don't sue Bethesda for keeping you glued to your game!