When you hold a smartphone in your hand means that you have the world in miniature hand. Aside from work, the smartphone is also a very useful entertainment device, you can play games or surf the web everywhere. And in it, sports applications are indispensable for sports lovers.

ESPN: Live sports & scores is a great application. This app is a free app for  iOS, giving users the latest news and information about sports around the globe. In addition, you can search the results of the matches, the hot news about the teams and the league, the evaluation from the experts. The ESPN app is something you should not miss if you're a true sports fan. Reading information on ESPN is also a way to help you improve English quickly.


This is a sports app that many users in the world choose. If you are a sports enthusiast, can not ignore the information about sports, ESPN is the application you need in your SmartPhone. With the Widget from the Message Center, ESPN becomes a sports information center, just dragging the screen down, users can browse through the news as well as live sports broadcasts.

ESPN Live sports - scores

ESPN was formerly known as ESPN Mobile or otherwise known as ESPN App. This is the number one sports app on the market with a huge database from the world's leading sports channel, ESPN. With ESPN, users can update their scores every minute, watch new news, online video or audio commentary from ESPN channel with consistent quality streaming content.

ESPN Live sports - scores

Another advantage of this app is that it offers a lot of sports news from different sports like football, basketball, golf, tennis, boxing, MMA ... there are about 33 different content for you to choose. In addition, the app also suggests to you the team you love, and certainly the news related to sports and your favorite team will be shown first.

ESPN Live sports - scoresESPN Live sports - scores

App has a very easy to look and simple interface. On the right side of the screen, you will see three tabs, Favorites, related to your favorite content (declared with the app), Listen for the news audio and Watch: you can watch live the sports matches is taking place in the world at this section. Also have Upcoming section so you can know the upcoming match, Highlights section for you to review the beautiful sports situation in the past week ... and many other attractions ...

ESPN Live sports - scores

In the App's main view, we will see two main categories, Scores and News. Scores will tell you the outcome of the matches with the Highlights button next to it. The News section will update the latest news. When you click on this entry, you will feel like all the news about all the sports in the world are right in front of you.

ESPN Live sports - scoresESPN Live sports - scores


If you are a sports fan, no matter which sport you like, no matter which team you like, download the latest ESPN: Live sports & scores. It will help you become the first person to get the latest news on your favorite sport in seconds, watch live matches of your favorite team. This is a sports app, but it brings more of what you think. These are the joys, the emotions, the happy moments in life.

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