Guardian Saga 1.1 Update

Guardian Saga 1.1 Update

Oct 26, 2011

Our first major update to Guardian Saga has just gone live on the App Store! This update brings a ton of improvements that address issues and suggestions we’ve collected from our fans, reviews, and comments on iTunes.

Version 1.1 includes:

  • Universal Support!
  • Support for playing iPod music while you play
  • Screen-rotation support
  • Spell and hit effects in battles
  • Ability to use items during battle (our #1 requested feature)
  • A wider range of healing items have been added.
  • You can now save anywhere, and an auto-save system has been implemented
  • Bards will now provide hints to the player via a new “Gossip” option. A great feature for players that are returning to the game after a long period of time, and may have forgotten where they were at in the story.
  • A world map has been added
  • The enemy encounter rate has been reduced, and many tweaks to enemy difficulty and gold drops.
  • A new spell “Illume” has been added to illuminate caves without needing a torch

Halloween Event

Also include in this update is a special Halloween event. Those that play Guardian Saga between Oct. 28 and Nov. 2 will find the townspeople dressed up for Halloween. There are also Jack-o-lanterns scattered throughout the kingdom. Opening these pumpkins will reward players with treats and a Halloween-themed special accessory!

We’re extremely proud of this update. Thanks to everyone who’s downloaded the game so far, and extra thanks to everyone who’s given us feedback and suggestions!