Role-playing games with distinctive graphics and a beautiful open world are a trend in the gaming industry. But there is a kind of game brings emotions very sweet, very deposition. And especially those emotions do not come from modern technology, but they come from simplicity and sophistication. Perhaps you have already reached the genre of game that you are talking about here right? It's an 8-bit graphics game with very simple graphics, but when you experience game, you will be attracted to it.

Guardian Saga is an 8-bit game genre. It's really simple, even the name Hack is borrowed from another game. However, the gameplay of the game is very interesting and attractive. The information is very complete and clear, but if you miss a certain detail, it will be very difficult to continue your journey in the game.

How does it play?

You will play a hero to explore the world to find out about how the Guardian Beasts, the monsters that are protecting humans from the evil evil suddenly change their mind, they do not protect human anymore. You will have to find out and stop the evil that exists in this world.

In this adventure, you are alone. So the game will provide you with the skills you need to survive such as healing, weapons forging, medicine, and so on. You will also have to memorize the areas that have gone through, especially noteworthy. Because the game has no system task, no instructions. Therefore, when you receive a quest, you have to think of how to complete it with your memory.


Graphics in an 8-bit game are simple but colorful. It feels so cute and makes the player imagine the beautiful scenery in their mind. “Guardian Saga” has paid attention to this. Most players will venture into the outside world, but there are times when you will have to explore dark dungeons where you can meet Guardian Beasts.

Of course, on your journey, you will face enemies, which is sure to happen in an RPG. When you meet enemies, use all you have to fight and defeat them. However, in the Guardian Saga, there will be no mini-maps, no missions. All you can do is focus on exploring and enjoying your adventures. Sometimes in a castle or dungeon, you will find treasure chests and it will contain new skills or equipment for you.

Level systems and equipment stores are also available in the game. The leveling system is automatic. The weapons shop will appear in the town. Each town will have different weapons and you just select the type of weapon has the highest index, it is not complicated and time-consuming for you to think.

8-bit graphics are also a plus point for the game. To be honest, 8-bit graphics are far from the current games. But what it gives the player a "sweet memory", the beautiful and impressive engraved in your heart when you first exposed to the game by a NES device or a PC game using DOS system. And now, on our hands are the modern equipments like iphone, ipad ... and the feeling of using them to play 8-bit games is really exciting. You will see familiar graphics, typical sounds of 8-bit games from your childhood.


I like this game very much since I knew it. It did not disappoint me. The first time I played this game I spent over 3 hours, and just stopped for dinner with my family. I also asked everyone in my home to watch me play, and I explained to them how to play so that everyone can discuss about it.

This game is actually a great game for the 8x generation, who have a long time with 8-bit games and have sweet memories. This game is not for gamers who like to play games that beautiful graphics and complex gameplay. But for some others (included me), it is a great game.