What games are you playing? And whether they are really useful or can be publicized to your friends or yourself on your computer. After so many years of thinking, Vavle has decided to reveal secrets about a way to help you hide the steam in your PC. Between Humble Bundles, Steam Summer sales, separate listings for beta, Mac, and Linux versions of games, and the slew of ways to snag free PC games, your library can quickly become cluttered with titles that you have no intentions of playing anytime soon. Steam's new feature is the digital equivalent.

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The new functionality is accessible from the Set Categories menu, making it so that hidden games will not show up in any Library filters except a new filter named "Hidden." Hidden games are still available for play, of course, but at least now nobody has to know you own them. So, how to hide games in your Steam library? Let’s figure it out. Although Valve never tells you how to hide games from your Steam library or that the feature is even available, this process is incredibly easy. The operation is as simple as: Open your Steam library, right-click on the game you want to hide and select Set Categories. In the pop-up menu that appears, check the box next to "Hide this game in my library," then click OK. And that's it. The game is now banished from your Steam Library.

But what if one day you decide you want to take one of your game out of your blacklist? Very simple: You can drag hidden games back into the light, though that process is also slightly less than intuitive. Open your Steam Library once again, then click the Games link in the search box to bring up a drop-down menu. At the bottom of the list you'll see a "Hidden" filter. Click it to reveal your hidden games, which you can then play, install, or re-add to your library by unchecking the "Hide this game in my library" box under Set Categories.