When you hold a smartphone in your hand means that you have the world in miniature hand. Aside from work, the smartphone is also a very useful entertainment device, you can play games or surf the web everywhere. And in it, sports applications are indispensable for sports lovers.

ESPN: Live sports & scores is a great application. This app is a free app for  iOS, giving users the latest news and information about sports around the globe. In addition, you can search the results of the matches, the hot news about the teams and the league, the evaluation from the experts. The ESPN app is something you should not miss if you’re a true sports fan. Reading information on ESPN is also a way to help you improve English quickly.

ESPN Live sports - scores


This is a sports app that many users in the world choose. If you are a sports enthusiast, can not ignore the information about sports, ESPN is the application you need in your SmartPhone. With the Widget from the Message Center, ESPN becomes a sports information center, just dragging the screen down, users can browse through the news as well as live sports broadcasts.

ESPN Live sports - scores

ESPN was formerly known as ESPN Mobile or otherwise known as ESPN App. This is the number one sports app on the market with a huge database from the world’s leading sports channel, ESPN. With ESPN, users can update their scores every minute, watch new news, online video or audio commentary from ESPN channel with consistent quality streaming content.

ESPN Live sports - scores

Another advantage of this app is that it offers a lot of sports news from different sports like football, basketball, golf, tennis, boxing, MMA … there are about 33 different content for you to choose. In addition, the app also suggests to you the team you love, and certainly the news related to sports and your favorite team will be shown first.

ESPN Live sports - scores

ESPN Live sports - scores

App has a very easy to look and simple interface. On the right side of the screen, you will see three tabs, Favorites, related to your favorite content (declared with the app), Listen for the news audio and Watch: you can watch live the sports matches is taking place in the world at this section. Also have Upcoming section so you can know the upcoming match, Highlights section for you to review the beautiful sports situation in the past week … and many other attractions …

ESPN Live sports - scores

In the App’s main view, we will see two main categories, Scores and News. Scores will tell you the outcome of the matches with the Highlights button next to it. The News section will update the latest news. When you click on this entry, you will feel like all the news about all the sports in the world are right in front of you.

ESPN Live sports - scores

ESPN Live sports - scores


If you are a sports fan, no matter which sport you like, no matter which team you like, download the latest ESPN: Live sports & scores. It will help you become the first person to get the latest news on your favorite sport in seconds, watch live matches of your favorite team. This is a sports app, but it brings more of what you think. These are the joys, the emotions, the happy moments in life.

Download: IOS


Every day a lot of mobile games are released and that creates a big problem for gamers, they do not know “what’s really a good game”.
In today’s article, I’m going to introduce you to free mobile games that still have a fascinating and engaging style.


Battlejack promises to bring gamers a creative and classic way of playing extremely attractive. The player has the task of fighting the mighty evil powers to protect the peace of the Midgard myth.

During the Battlejack experience, players will have to collect, merge and evolve the heroes to survive the 100 challenging levels with difficulty increasing over time. Battlejack’s gameplay mechanics are inspired by the legendary Blackjack game combined with the role-playing game. This made Battlejack so attractive, completely different from other card games of the same genre. Specifically, the player will be given 2 random cards and is allowed to draw more cards so that the total score on the cards does not exceed 21 so that the character can attack the opponent.

Cards are also divided into four elements including Fire, Water, Earth and Light / Dark, which are mutually immaterial, helping players to come up with unique tactics.

  • Developer: NEXOX M Inc.
  • Size: 207 MB.
  • Cost: Free.


Link download: Battlejack


Bitgram is a new puzzler-type mobile game, with a fairly novel gameplay style that resembles the legendary “Tetris” before. The player’s task is to move blocks of objects of a certain color and put them in the right place to create a homogeneous mass.

The game requires players to be smart and fast to eat so many points. The only motivation of the game is that you have to try to break your own record in previous games. However, unlike the games that require the speed of the player, Bitgram brings a sense of relaxation and comfortable for players. It does not put pressure on a system timer. You will come back and play more because it is fun.

  • Developer: 1 Button SARL.
  • Size: 17.6 MB.
  • Cost: Free.


Link download: Bitgram

3.Cat Bird!

Cat Bird is designed with extremely lovely images on the classic Pixel graphics of a platformer game. The player’s task is to help the “Cat Bird” to overcome the challenges of more than 40 different levels.

Cat Bird is a very interesting game. You will control Cat Bird with virtual buttons on the phone screen. The two buttons allow you to go left or right with a third button for jumping or surfing. Note: You will have to use this surf button many times in the game. Cat Bird cannot jump high but it can skip a short distance. Take advantage of these features to complete the game.

  • Developer: Ryan Carag.
  • Size: 59.1 MB.
  • Cost: Free.

Cat Bird!

Link download: Cat Bird


Developed and released by Konig Studios, Clans is a mobile adventure game mixed with tactical and role-playing that allows players to create their own powerful army. The player has the task of fighting the bloodthirsty zombies to rescue the city from their invasion.

  • Developer: Konig Studios, LLC.
  • Size: 427 MB.
  • Cost: Free.


Link download: Clans


Rainbonauts is also a game inspired by the Tetris-shaped myth, with its colorful graphics. The player’s mission is to play the role of a “rainbow astronaut” and move to galaxies to create beautiful rainbows.

The game has over 60 levels to challenge you along with countless achievements that you can collect. In addition, the game has an Endless Mode where players can challenge themselves.

  • Developer: Tinker Technologies, Inc.
  • Size: 605 MB.
  • Cost: Free.


Link download: Rainbonauts


The Appstore is the largest storefor mobile apps using iOSand it is managed by Apple. All the games on Appstore are high quality. However, there are many games released around the world everyday, and gamers do not know which game to choose and which game is suitable for them to play.

So, in today’s article, I’m going to introduce you to 10free mobile games are currently very HOT on the App Store that you will not want to miss. Let’s take a look at them and maybe you can see the game you are looking for.


Deadheads has five modes, including four PvP modes and single-player missions based on the story of the game. As an online shooter, you will be able to experience real-time matches of up to eight players at the same time. Online game modes in DeadHeads include Team Deathmatch, Elimination, Mayhem and Infected, an extremely fun mode! Infected (also known as Zombie) mode is more popular in the shooter community. Moreover, the game allows you to create your own match to compete with your friends.


In Infected, players will have to win their own lives by choosing two separate teams, Infected (Zombie) and Survivors (Soldier). Each stage will allow up to 8 players to join and the time to finish is only about 2 minutes. The anxiety, fear and tension are the main factors making this game-mode so attractive.

If you choose the Infected side, the player will turn into bloody and aggressive monsters. In contrast, to destroy these zombies, the Survivors will be armed with heavy guns to fight. One side with the goal of turning all enemies into monsters like themselves, the other side is trying to survive until the last moment.

  • Developer: Cmune.
  • Size: 727 MB.
  • Cost: Free.


Link download: Deadheads

2.Iron Blade: Medieval Legends

Iron Blade: Medieval Legends is a great game to play. The game is a fighting game with beautiful 3D graphics has just launched in the App Store of the Philippines. However, if you want, there is still a way to experience the game right now.

Iron Blade: Medieval Legends take place in medieval Europe, where the world is on the verge of destruction by the return of the Baal God and his henchmen. The player’s mission is to join the Templars, team up with other people in the world to fight the evil forces and vampires are becoming stronger.

Iron Blade Medieval Legends

As a fighting game, but Blade: Medieval Legend owns a very creative and exciting gameplay. Specifically, the combat system and character control were as simple as possible for the touchscreen mobile. Example is the removal of the virtual d-pad that we usually see it. Instead, the game focuses on attacking, counter-attacking, and dodging.

With simple touch and slide action, players can create their own super combo strikes on the enemy, creating a unique fighting style. The battle becomes more interesting and addictive when you defeat or destroy your opponent just as in Mortal Kombat.

  • Developer: Gameloft.
  • Size: 1.9 GB.
  • Cost: Free.

iron Blade Medieval Legends

Link download: Iron Blade

3.PES 2017 Mobile

After a long time of waiting, finally the “hit” game PES 2017was released on mobile platform. This is the official announcement from Konami. Accordingly, mobile users were able to download this game for free on the Apple Store. With this mobile version, you can now enjoy your favorite game anytime, anywhere.

PES 2017 Mobile

Owning the data from Console and PC versions, the PES 2017 Mobile promises to be a quality football game on the mobile platform. PES 2017 on Mobile is basically an online game, you need an internet connection to experience the full functionality of the game.

In the game, one-on-one with any player in the world for the rankings will be one of the main fuctions of the game. With its light weight and many attractive features, PES 2017 deserves to be a fierce rival to FIFA 17 on the mobile platform.

  • Developer: KONAMI.
  • Size: 1.65 GB.
  • Cost: Free.

PES 2017 Mobile

Link download: PES 2017 Mobile

4.Magikarp Jump

In the Pokémon world, Magikarp has long been considered the weakest and most useless Pokémon. Magikarp is almost useless in combat because of its low power and speed. An older Magikarp can use Splash to jump over a mountain but this technique is useless in battle. Based on these factors, the mobile game Magikarp Jump was born with the biggest goal is: see whose Magikarp will jump higher.

Magikarp Jump

Sounds simple, but the Magikarp Jump is quite attractive to players because of its high entertainment. All you need to do in the game is to take care of your Magikarp by feeding it delicious food and decorating its place. You can even catch other Pokémon such as Pikachu, Litten and Snorlax – the guests that will help your Magikarp to increase the power of jumping.

Well-trained Magikarp will jump higher, which means that they will bring victory to you when you fight with other players. Besides, you can catch all kinds of Magikarp, including rare ones that you are difficult to find them.

  • Developer: The Pokemon Company.
  • Size: 143 Mb.
  • Cost: Free.

Magikarp Jump

Link download: Magikarp Jump

5.Reckless Getaway 2

Reckless Getaway 2 is a game suitable for players who like destruction. In this part 2, the player will still play the role of “crazy” driver on the street, you have to flee the police and tossing every other car on the road. In this way, you will gain money and energy to upgrade. Let the police know to catch you is a difficult task and how impossible it!

  • Developer: Pixelbite.
  • Size: 137 MB.
  • Cost: Free.

Reckless Getaway 2

Link download: Reckless Getaway 2


Skullgirls – 2D fighting game on PC launched in 2012. After more than 4 years, this game has been Lab Zero released on the mobile platform. The mobile version will retain the gamer’s favorite features on the PC version. In order to optimize the mobile gaming experience, all actions are performed through touching and swiping of the screen. The developer has limited virtual keys to keep the player’s vision unobstructed.


Story in the game takes place in the kingdom “Canopy” (a fantasy kingdom), where Skull Heart – the desire of every female warrior. Why are they so hungry for it? Simply because the Skull Heart contains supreme power, satisfy the wishes of its owner. Warriors fight together in uncompromising battles to take over the Skull Heart. However, only the soul of the gentle person can own the good in that mascot. If not, they will become the Skull Girl, the demon in human form. Who will be able to become the owner of Skull Heart?

The most impressive thing to bring the name “Skullgirls” to the community of gamers is not the gameplay, beautiful skill effects…but its the system full of beautiful female in sexy and hot body. Players will have the opportunity to meet Valentine – a sexy nurse ninja, Filia with devil hair can turn into everything, Squigly – an undead girl with cute gestures but make people be scared with a bone snake piercing through her head.

  • Developer: LINE Corporation.
  • Size: 244 MB.
  • Cost: Free.


Link download: Skullgirls

7.Zombie Gunship Survival

If you have played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, you will remember the “Death from above”, where you will control an AC-130 war machine equipped with full ammunition, willing to shoot enemy troops from the air to support your teammates, or to lead the battle. And Zombie Gunship Survival was created by Flaregames based on that idea.

Zombie Gunship Survival

In the Zombie Gunship Survival, you will look down from the sky, a mighty battlefield and waiting for the zombies to appear on the radar. Suddenly from the shadows, people are very panicked and they are running away from bloodthirsty zombies. And your mission is to clear the Zombie before they can tear down the weak people or cross the fence to get into the shelter of the survivors.

Zombie Gunship Survival has a top-down view and you will play the game through a black and white screen similar to the experience in stage “Death from above” of “Call of Duty”. The players not only have the task of firing an enemy from the sky, but must also build their base, spy on enemy’s area, or collect residual resources on Earth. All the missions that you join are surrounded by a lot of zombies around, so be careful.

  • Developer: flaregames.
  • Size: 335 MB.
  • Cost: Free.

Zombie Gunship Survival

Link download: Zombie Gunship Survival

8.Noblemen: 1896

Noblemen: 1896 – the latest tactical strategy game mixed with action game from Foursaken Media has just launched on 31/8.


Set in the deadly wars of 1896, you will play as a general who controls the entire army against aggressive enemies. In Noblemen: 1896, you will have the task of directing and building your own powerful army to regain territory occupied by enemies.

However, not only a tactical game, Noble Prize: 1896 also incorporates an attractive shooter element that allows players to freely switch roles, or become a commander, or become a soldier alongside your comrades on the battlefield.

  • Developer: Foursaken Media.
  • Size: 934 MB.
  • Cost: Free.


Link download: Noblemen: 1896

9.Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes is the first game in the Fire Emblem series that Nintendo has put on the mobile platform and has been available in Japan and the West. Fans of Fire Emblem series will be pleased that this new game has almost all of the most prominent heroes from various Fire Emblem games.

Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes will convey many traditional elements.The game brings gamers to the RPG genre that combines turn-based combat tactics on a grid map.

The story of this mobile game will allow the player to become a summoner, allowing you to summon various heroes to form a team and fight against enemies.Besides, you can also summon various NPCs from this series to create a dream team.

  • Developer: Nintendo.
  • Size: 91.1 MB.
  • Cost: Free.

Fire Emblem Heroes

Link download: Fire Emblem Heroes

10.Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is still one of the hottest card games on both PC and mobile platforms. The game has rules that use novel cards, with beautiful design and versatility in every battle, making people fascinated.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

As a free-to-play game, everyone can play Hearthstone and achieve the same collection, however, if using real money, the collection will be much faster.

Hearthstone quickly became the HOT game and made any other game publisher in the world jealous of its horrendous growth.

The game’s play style is unique and attractive. At each turn, the player will have to spend a certain amount of Mana, and this Mana will be recovered gradually after each turn.For example, on the first turn, the player will recover 1 Mana, the 2nd turn, the player will receive 2 Mana.The number of mana recovery will increase gradually and this can be considered the greatest highlight of Hearthstone compared to other games of the same genre.

  • Developer: Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.
  • Size: 2.68 GB.
  • Cost: Free.

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft

Link download: Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft


Role-playing games with distinctive graphics and a beautiful open world are a trend in the gaming industry. But there is a kind of game brings emotions very sweet, very deposition. And especially those emotions do not come from modern technology, but they come from simplicity and sophistication. Perhaps you have already reached the genre of game that you are talking about here right? It’s an 8-bit graphics game with very simple graphics, but when you experience game, you will be attracted to it.

Guardian Saga is an 8-bit game genre. It’s really simple, even the name Hack is borrowed from another game. However, the gameplay of the game is very interesting and attractive. The information is very complete and clear, but if you miss a certain detail, it will be very difficult to continue your journey in the game.

How does it play?

You will play a hero to explore the world to find out about how the Guardian Beasts, the monsters that are protecting humans from the evil evil suddenly change their mind, they do not protect human anymore. You will have to find out and stop the evil that exists in this world.

In this adventure, you are alone. So the game will provide you with the skills you need to survive such as healing, weapons forging, medicine, and so on. You will also have to memorize the areas that have gone through, especially noteworthy. Because the game has no system task, no instructions. Therefore, when you receive a quest, you have to think of how to complete it with your memory.

Guardian Saga


Graphics in an 8-bit game are simple but colorful. It feels so cute and makes the player imagine the beautiful scenery in their mind. “Guardian Saga” has paid attention to this. Most players will venture into the outside world, but there are times when you will have to explore dark dungeons where you can meet Guardian Beasts.

Guardian Saga

Of course, on your journey, you will face enemies, which is sure to happen in an RPG. When you meet enemies, use all you have to fight and defeat them. However, in the Guardian Saga, there will be no mini-maps, no missions. All you can do is focus on exploring and enjoying your adventures. Sometimes in a castle or dungeon, you will find treasure chests and it will contain new skills or equipment for you.

Level systems and equipment stores are also available in the game. The leveling system is automatic. The weapons shop will appear in the town. Each town will have different weapons and you just select the type of weapon has the highest index, it is not complicated and time-consuming for you to think.

8-bit graphics are also a plus point for the game. To be honest, 8-bit graphics are far from the current games. But what it gives the player a “sweet memory”, the beautiful and impressive engraved in your heart when you first exposed to the game by a NES device or a PC game using DOS system. And now, on our hands are the modern equipments like iphone, ipad … and the feeling of using them to play 8-bit games is really exciting. You will see familiar graphics, typical sounds of 8-bit games from your childhood.

Guardian Saga


I like this game very much since I knew it. It did not disappoint me. The first time I played this game I spent over 3 hours, and just stopped for dinner with my family. I also asked everyone in my home to watch me play, and I explained to them how to play so that everyone can discuss about it.

This game is actually a great game for the 8x generation, who have a long time with 8-bit games and have sweet memories. This game is not for gamers who like to play games that beautiful graphics and complex gameplay. But for some others (included me), it is a great game.


1.Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami or Zombie Carnaval is an endless runner game produced by Mobigame on May 31, 2012. The player starts the track with a single zombie. After earning enough money you can upgrade to 2 or even 5 zombies to increase your chances of eating more people (zombie food) on the track.

Zombie Tsunami

These zombies will bite the people and make them join their group of zombies. The more zombies you have the more chance to eat more gold, the more likely they are to push multiple vehicles at once, and at the same time you have the opportunity to run longer.

Zombie Tsunami

Try it now by following the download link below: Zombie Tsunami

2.Monument Valley 2 – The magnificent “art” version continues to launch

Monument Valley 2 is one of the rare games that owns the innovative style of graphic arts design alongside gameplay. In addition, the game is considered the best puzzle game on the iOS platform and “steals” the hearts of many gamers.

Just like its predecessor, Monument Valley 2 takes players into the dream realm with colorful settings in a tiny world where stairs, buildings, houses are constantly rotated and changed right in front of players.

Monument Valley 2

With a simple start, players will immediately immerse themselves in the magical world, which contains a strange world carrying messages through wonderful music. All you see is a gentle journey and not demanding much exploration.

However, Monument Valley 2 brings to gamers a completely new story, the task is to guide the protagonists (a mother and a daughter) on the journey through the ‘magical’ architecture, to explore the illusion roads and to solve interesting puzzles.

Remaining the old gameplay, Monument Valley 2 continues to require players to use the mechanism of rotation, lifting the roads to take the two main characters to escape the labyrinth of three-dimensional space. But like the previous part, the most important factor is still the view. Try to turn architectural blocks wisely to find new perspectives and new ways.

download: Monument Valley 2

3.Super Mario Run – The Most Anticipated Game

The Mario plumber is one of the most popular game characters in the world, especially when Nintendo’s ‘Super Mario Bros’ was released in 1985 for the NES platform (4-button gaming machine) and become one of the most favorite games in history.

Basically, the gameplay of Super Mario Run is similar to the familiar way of Super Mario Bros, as the players must control their characters to overcome the obstacles. Based on the way the hands are touched on the screen, the character of the game will have different ways of responding. According to Nintendo, the game was designed for players to easily control with just one hand.

Super Mario Run – The Most Anticipated Game

Just like the famous Super Mario Bros, the goal of Super Mario Run is to rescue Princess Peach from the monster named Bowser. The game will consist of 6 maps with 24 different levels. The free version of Super Mario Run will allow players to play in three different modes, but all of them require an internet connection.

Download: Super Mario Run on the App Store

4.The Walking Dead: A New Frontier – Hideous Zombie World

Four years after the events of the first series, A New Frontier continues to take players following Clementine, now a young girl and the dreaming guy Javier. Both of these characters can be controlled by the player, and Javier’s main task is to find his family after a clash of hideous zombies.

The Walking Dead A New Frontier – Hideous Zombie World

A New Frontier’s play style is still typical of The Walking Dead under Telltale Games. There, players will discover plot details and characters around the conversation system. Before every word of the characters, gamers will be able to select one of the four available answers, decide the course and attitude of everyone. Sometimes it just acts as an informant or pushes the story forward, but sometimes it will decide who loses in the upcoming vital journey.


In addition, A New Frontier also interwoven the action phases requiring players to react quickly according to the situation. These actions must be made immediately and strictly according to the requirements of the game, otherwise you will see yourself dying under the jaws of a dead body or a mental guy.

Download: The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

5.Asphalt Xtreme – Impressive Terrain Racing Game

Asphalt Xtreme is one of therecent racing gamesdeveloped by Gameloft and added to the Asphalt series. Unlike previous Asphalt versions which consisted of the world’s top supercars like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Audi… Instead, Asphalt Xtreme brings us Monster, sport utility vehicles, muscle car, etc. with cool and strong forms ready to race on the road like a god.

Asphalt Xtreme - Impressive Terrain Racing Game

In the game, the race tracks are not as gorgeous as it is in a lavish cities, but deserts, industrial parks with deserted terrain. More specifically, the famous places in the world as the cold Arctic island of Svabard or the extremely dangerous valley of the Nile, etc.

As for the graphics, the game itself has to say ‘nothing to complain about,’ with real image details with scenes of collision, earthquakes or wading streams, combined with live sound. Playing the game, gamers can feel a real steering.

However, due to the high configuration, the limited configuration of the machine will cause the status of the game lag. When playing, you can also lower the graphics level in the options to experience better.

Download: Asphalt Xtreme: Offroad Rally Racing on the App Store

6.Battle of Polytopia (TBOP) – Tactical Game on Mobile

The Battle of Polytopia (TBOP) brings the collapse style 4x but still attractive players by the Voxel Art graphic style. Although recently debuted, up to now TBOP is not over yet, constantly updating its offerings to satisfy the fans. In addition, TBOP’s community is also very active with hundreds of fan art photos that are indexed by TBOP’s own Wiki page.

The game interface is simple and easy to interact with. TBOP offers two main game modes: Perfection (you play in 30 views and higher score wins) and Domination (the game ends when you completely eliminate the enemy). The number of races is varied with more than 10 types (some of which are still being developed by MidjiWan.) Of course, manufacturers also require players to pay to be able to select more types besides the four basic ones that the game offers.

Battle of Polytopia TBOP - Tactical Game on Mobile

After all, the 4x category is quite picky about the player, and if the reader has not been into the genre, it will probably take a few minutes to understand what to do to win. It also means that: MidjiWan has done poorly introducing to newcomers. Bypassing the prelude, TBOP quickly captures the players by removing many complex indexes of 4x, turning 4x becomes simpler than ever before with just a few clicks (3-4 steps). It is entirely possible for the next turn without worrying about the wrong step. The biggest thing that makes a game simple is probably the game’s collection indexes, including score, number of stars and of turns. Players only need to get enough stars to be able to build or upgrade their buildings.

Download: The Battle of Polytopia

7.Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft – Multi-platform Card Game

As its name, Hearthstone was one of the best multi-platform card games, developed by the father of the famous World of Warcraft game producer Blizzard Entertainment. For those who have never played WoW before, do not worry because the HS is almost completely unrelated and independent of the way we play WoW.

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft - Multi-platform Card Game

If anyone has ever played the Yugioh magic games, then Hearthstone will share many similarities. If the cards in Yugioh are beasts or warriors with enormous amount of cards, the cards of HS just wrapped in characters of the WoW series. Therefore, players may not be too overwhelmed and easy to get used to the HS, although the number of cards in this game also increased through each update.

Download: Hearthstone on the App Store

8.MADDEN NFL Mobile for iOS – Popular Rugby Game on iPhone, iPad

MADDEN NFL Mobile is a famous sport game in football. You will become the coach of your favorite team, own legendary NFL stars and lead your team to victory.

In order to win, besides good coaching, players also need a team with the ability to play superstars and have the ability to coordinate with good teammates. Proper rational laying and wise tactics are the key to lead the team to victory.


Choose your favorite NFL team and become a coach. Improve your squad by capturing current football stars like Rob Gronkowski and Antonio Brown or legendary ones such as Jerry Rice. You can freely choose your team of the best players in both past and present by opening packages or through the Auction House. Develop strategies, upgrade your list and bring your team to the tournament to compete with your friends.


Winning or leaving is entirely up to the player to decide. Become a quarterback for the Wide Reiceive, or center back or defender. Compete against friends and opponents in Head-to-Head mode and battle for glory.


9.Trivia Crack – The Most Attractive Mind Game

Trivia Crack is one of the most interesting brain games that allows you to test your knowledge and challenge your friends to find out who is the smartest.

Trivia Crack is a game that consists of 6 different categories: geography, history, literature and art, science and technology, entertainment and sports. Players will have to collect the corresponding avatar for each category. Spin the wheel and the chance is that you will have to answer the question with the hit list. If the wheel stops in a particular position, the player can choose the field according to his own liking.

Trivia Crack - The Most Attractive Mind Game

A game ends after one of the two players gets all six characters, that person will win, or play 25 rounds. A round complete each time the two players take turns until they answer an incorrect question. If the 25 laps and both of you get all six characters, the player with most characters will be the winner. If both players have the same number of characters, a challenge of 6 questions will be presented to each player, and the winner will be the one answering the most right questions. If both players match the challenge statement, the player who started the game will be the winner.

Download: Trivia Crack on the App Store

10.Just Dance Now – The Ultimate Dance Music Festival on Mobile

Just Dance Now for iOS is one of the most dance gamesin the world with breakthroughs in which players will use their iPhone as a controller, connect to a larger screen and dance with their friends.

Just Dance Now is designed with improved gameplay and the all-new Community Remix feature that lets you remix live hits. You have the opportunity to become a star right from the beginning of this game experience. Taking a video of your own dances with the camera device and share it right in the game. From the best videos, the Just Dance Now development team will put together a complete remix so that people around the world can dance like you!

Just Dance Now - The Ultimate Dance Music Festival on Mobile

You can also watch all your activity in the Just Dance Now community with the new Just Dance Wall feature which allows players to share stats, glitter with vibrant performances or vote on videos posted, to make friends, to group and more.

Another interesting feature is the Dance Challenger Mode, which allows players to play against anyone in the world, like their friends, family or top dancers. You can score from your previous performances or other people, share scores on the community, and challenge others!

Do not miss the chance to participate in exciting online competitions on Just Dance Now! This is your chance to confirm your dancing skills, to climb up the global rankings and discover who is the most prominent dancer.

Download: Just Dance Now


If owning an iPhone or iPad, you must not ignore the best free iOS games 2017 that we aggregate from the evaluation of players

1.Asphalt 8: Airborne – Excitement on Every Track

Asphalt 8: Airborne is the next generation of the ultimate and successfulracing game series of Gameloft. As soon as entering each new round, gamers will have to concentrate and not to be ignored any moment. The mission of the player in Asphalt 8: Airborne is not simple when you have to compete with a bunch of other racers and jostle each position on the track, combined with the handling of situations when the collision. Or show off advanced driving techniques like drifting or aerial vehicle.

Asphalt 8 Airborne Excitement on Every Track

The race tracks are designed to be rough, bumpy and extremely uncomfortable, which is the challenge for drivers in this new version.

Download: Asphalt 8 Airborne

2.Beneath the Lighthouse – Highly entertaining with unique gameplay

Beneath the Lighthouse is not a game for the weak. The game looks sweet, naiveand even cute , but hidden under colorful pixel graphics is a lot of nasty torture.The Beneath the Lighthouse is a genre that only makes you irritated, but will always want to play again to clear the island.

Beneath the Lighthouse Highly entertaining with unique gameplay

In essence, Beneath the Lighthouse is a platform solitaire game in which the player is tasked with helping the round-robin boy to find way to hisGrandmother by their ability to manipulate his surroundings.

Download: Beneath The Lighthouse

3.Cally’s Caves 3 – Classic role-playing game on mobile

Cally’s Caves 3 from Jordan Pearson is a free-to-play platform game inspired by the Metroidvania genre (originated from two famous legends, Metroid and Castlevania). In this third version, players continue to play the tough girl Cally trying to save her parents from the insane hands of crazy Dr. Herbert.

Callys Caves 3 Classic role-playing game on mobile

With cute 16-bit animated graphics along with classic and modern sound effects, this mobile game will definitely bring an enjoyable experience to any gamer.

Download: Cally’s Caves 3

4.Clash Royale – New brother of Clash of Clans

Clash Royale is a mobile game that blends elements of the Clash of Clans world with MOBA genre, protecting the stronghold and collecting cards. This game requires a high tactic in building up players’ own empires as well as calculating to invade the citadel, resources from the enemy. Only after a day of launch, Clash Royale has conquered hardcore gamers and listed itself in iOS’s prominent game ranking.

Clash Royale New brother of Clash of Clans

Download: Clash Royale On App Store

5.Crossy Road – Take chickens crossing the road

Crossy Road is an entertainment game for IOS devices, players who participate in this game will be tasked with taking chickens crossing the road. This game was produced by Yodo1 Games publisher, in CH Play, it has tens of millions of users, showing that this is a good game and loved bymany people.

Crossy Road Take chickens crossing the road

Possessing simple 3D graphics, the game’s landscape is designed in square blocks, 8bit color, pixel font, everything in the interface in this game are rudimentary and simple. But it breaks off other games with meticulous graphics to detail. Although simple gameplay and graphics, but gamers are easily attracted to this game when playing.

Download: Crossy Road

6.Frisbee Forever 2 – Frisbee Throwing Game

Frisbee Forever 2 for iOS is a unique and funny flying Frisbee throwing game right on your mobile device. Players in this game have a task to throw flyingfrisbees and carefully control to be able to get as many stars. This is a free game for everyone to play.

Frisbee Forever 2 Frisbee Throwing Game

With beautiful and familiar 3D graphics, Frisbee Forever 2 for iOS will bring players extremely interestingmoments of relaxation and entertainment. Besides, the fun soundtrack along with 75 challenging rounds and engaging missions also adds to the inspiration for the gamers.

Download: Frisbee Forever 2 on the App Store

7.King Rabbit – Knight of Storm

King Rabbit is a mixture of puzzle and platformer with a view-from-top-down view. Starting the game with the obstacles placed on the map, players will look at the map and decide the steps and actions needed to get to the firewood at the bottom of the map where they are keeping the princess.

King Rabbit Knight of Storm

In the game, gamers will encounter many kinds of obstacles, from monsters, traps to bombs.In general, King Rabbit is richer than other puzzle games because it gives you the feeling of ‘role’ because in addition to calculate reasonable steps, sometimes you have to quickly hand over obstacles.

Download: King Rabbit

8.Leap Day – Action game on iPhone/iPad

Leap Day for iOS is a free high-speed action game on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch devices. It is easy to playbut extremely ‘brain damage,’ even difficult as Flappy Bird or RETRY of Rovio.

Leap Day Action game on iPhone/iPad

Leap Day’s unique feature on the iPhone/iPad is that the character you have to move is extremely hyperactive. This little kid will run continuously across the screen, so if you do not move him quickly upstairs, you will fall downstairs and take a lot of work to get back the distance. That is why the Leap Day game requires players to quickly control the character to complete each level.

Download: Leap Day on the App Store

9.Super Stickman Golf 3 – Unique Golf Game

Super Stickman Golf 3 for IOS  is a new sports game that has just released the third version. It belongs to Super Stickman Golf series from Noodlecake Game, Canada.

Super Stickman Golf 3 Unique Golf Game

Entering this playing field, the player must complete the quests in the game by calculating the angle and polishing power to bring the ball over the obstacle and fall into the hole with one stroke without any fault. Gamers have to go through many rounds with increasing difficulty to unlock more characters, items as well as costumes in the game.

Download: Super Stickman Golf 3

10.Threes! Free – Addition Calculations

In this game, all you need to do is to make the additions from the bricks tomake from small to big sums by swiping the screen back and forth, up and down. So what made the fever for Threes! Game, making Apple choose it one ofthe best games? It is its logical challenge.

Threes Free Addition Calculations

You get 4*4 tiles and the bricks are getting more and more. You need to manipulate the movement accurately to make room for the accumulation of large numbers. Large bricks will be an exciting challenge for you to overcome, to compete with your friends, and of course, give them a great deal of fun when breaking records.

Download: Threes! Free on the App Store

11.Alphabear for IOS – Compounding English Words to Save Cute Bear

Alphabear for IOS is a mobile game of compounding English words to rescue the pretty bear. This game has a simple gameplay but hard challenges and it is ideal if you want to practice English vocabulary with the game.

Alphabear for IOS Compounding English Words to Save Cute Bear

Alphabear combines a number of elements from other genres. For example, gamers will get a bit of adventure when they are immersed in the world of fun letters, a little intellectual with the task of compounding characters to form complete words or a little puzzle when you have to effort to save the cute bear. All created an ‘Alphabear’ extremely attractive for all people of all ages to entertain and study.

Download: Alphabear: Word Puzzle Game on the App Store

12.Hex FRVR –Super-new Puzzle Game

Hex FRVR is a new style puzzle game with a display as a hexagonal grid.

Hex FRVR Super new Puzzle Game

In this game, the player’s task is to place any tiles of the suitable shape with the corresponding boxes on the hexagon grid to get the highest score. Create and destroy full lines on the screen in any of the primary three directions by dragging and dropping blocks to the screen and get amazing combo bonuses by destroying multiple lines at the same time.

No time limit! A fun and relaxing puzzle game.

Download: Hex FRVR – Hexagon Puzzle Game

13.Temple Run 2 – Not Over Run

The game offers 4 characters for players to experience. Each character has a different ability to help players to be more convenient during the ‘runaway.’

Temple Run 2 Not Over Run

With Temple Run 2, Imangi Studio has achieved unplanned success. The previous record for smartphone games was set by Angry Birds: Space with 50 million downloads in 35 days. Temple Run 2 hit this milestone in just 13 days in a row. With a simple gameplay that requires a high concentration as well as a strong psychology for all possible situations, this can be said to be a good game to relax for a short time or even play with friends to… race record.

Download: Temple Run 2 on the App Store

14.Pac-Man 256 – Endless Maze

Pac-man 256 will take the players back to the past, enjoying one of the most famous ‘bugs’ of all time: Pac-man’s 256-game crash. If being a fan of this legend,you would have remembered, when playing to the round 256, half of the screen of this game would appear a big graphic error that players can not go further.

Pac Man 256 Endless Maze

Pac-Man 256 is released as a free-to-play game. However, unlike Pac-Man’s many years ago, this mobile version will let players adventure an endless maze of endless runner type. In addition, players will encounter the most classic elements of this game including friends like Blinky, Inky, Clyde and Pinky with the task of eating ‘energy’ which was very familiar. On top of that, Pac-Man 256 adds gold coins, upgrades and more new features.

Download: PAC-MAN 256 – Endless Arcade Maze

15.Fallout Shelter – The Best Survival Game on the Appstore

Fallout Shelter is a hugely mobile survival game that allows you to play the role of survivors of a nuclear disaster and grow your party in deep underground tunnels.

Fallout Shelter The Best Survival Game on the Appstore

The Fallout Shelter mobile game was developed by Bethesda Game Studiosand immediately climbed to the top of the App Store. While being considered a Fallout imitation, Fallout Shelter has become a new trend in the mobile gaming community thanks to its extremely addictive gameplay.

Download: Fallout Shelter By Bethesda

16.Bejeweled Blitz – The Most Amazing Diamond Game

Diamond Game is a popular game of PopCap. Just released, the game has been responsed very enthusiasticallyby players and until now it has become one of the most popular games on PC and Smartphone.

Bejeweled Blitz The Most Amazing Diamond Game

Beautiful graphics, exciting soundtracks and simple play are what you will see in Bejeweled Blitz for iPhone. Like other Bejeweled games, in Bejeweled Blitz, the player’s task is to arrange 3 identical colored blocks in horizontal or vertical order to get the scores. The more color blocks, the more scores you have.

Download: Bejeweled Blitz on the App Store

17.Jetpack Joyride – Steakfries Superman

Jetpack Joyride gives you the same passion for simple gameplay but requires skill and agility. This game was developed by Halfbrick, the developer of the popular fruit slash game Fruit Ninja.

Jetpack Joyride Steakfries Superman

In Jetpack Joyride, you’ll play the role of Steakfries from an ordinary office worker to a superhero actioner. Players will have to overcome obstacles such as grids or missiles, collecting items like money, tokens, robot items to move away and set a record.

Download: Jetpack Joyride on the App Store

18.Candy Crush: Soda Saga

Candy Crush: Soda Saga is a game in which players have to reconnect the same objects to each other. It sequels to the success of the game Candy Crush on PC. In this game, you will continue the journey to conquer the magic kingdom to discover the secrets behind the sweet candy world.

Candy Crush Soda Saga

Similar to King’s earlier games, Candy Crush: Soda Saga features quite good interactive interactions. Players can have both relaxing moments of entertainment for themselves and compete with their friends to make the game more attractive.

Download: Candy Crush Saga

19.Score! Hero – Football legend

Impressed by the true 3D graphics platform, the controll of leading the ball, passing and scoring similar to Score! World Goals, confronting the intelligent AI of defenders and goalkeepers, Score! Hero allows you to control every action on the pitch. The player’s task is to deflect the defenders with accurate passes, shoot the ball into the dead corner and score an impressive goal thanks to the intuitive control mechanism in Score! Hero.

Score Hero Football legend

‘BE A HERO!’ That is all you need to achieve as well as the message that the game transmits.

Download: Score! Hero on the App Store

20.Angry Birds 2 – The Back of Crazy Birds

The most recognizable feature of Angry Birds 2 is the much better graphics platform than the first version. From the background in the game to the graphic effects like sunshine, rainstorms, explosions are meticulously cared.

Angry Birds 2 The Back of Crazy Birds

In addition to the five familiar ‘crazy birds’ as Red, Chuck, Blue, Bomb and Mathilda, Angry Birds 2 will launch a brand new bird called Silver with the ability to ‘loop ,’ turning into a real panic for the hated blue pigs.

The environment in Angry Birds 2has new features such as wind turbine deflecting birds, ‘space doors’ that secretly change the direction of flight, and strange petals that are capable of ‘pull in’ and ‘release’ objects.

The background music in Angry Birds 2 is not very good, but still shows the fun and excitement, very suitable for the context of the game.

Download: Angry Birds 2 on the App Store