Are you a game player? Have you ever thought of playing iOS Games on Mac? With X-Mirage installed on your Mac, you can mirror iOS devices screen to any Mac.

That means what you see from your Mac is what is displaying on your iOS devices. X-Mirage also supports mirroring multiple iOS devices simultaneously. You can mirror your iOS games to one Mac and play against your friends or families.

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X-Mirage works on OS X Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion. Just download, install and run it on your Mac, tap AirPlay buttonon your iOS devices and select your Mac in the available AirPlay receiversand turn on Mirroring. Then you can see iOS devices screen on the Mac.

Mirror multiple devices to one Mac

Some games support dual-screen. So you can use the iPad as the controller both navigating through menus and in race mode. While the game appears only on your TV, you will need an Apple TV for sure. But with X-Mirage, you can play these games on your Mac via X-Mirage, which is much cheaper, also use your iPad as the controller.

When it starts a game, iOS devices provide an incredible experience. The high quality games have been released on the platform recently in many ways make them better than dedicated portable gaming devices. While the quality of games on the iOS platform is increasing, there’s one limitation that bothers some players, which is the small screen size of devices. Many users want to enjoy their favorite games on a larger display. If you are part of that group of iOS game players, we have the perfect solution for you, provided you own a Mac.

How to mirror and play iOS games on Mac using QuickTime Player?

First of all connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your Mac using a lightning cable. Once the device is connected launch QuickTime Player.

When QuickTime Player is launched, you just simply click on the ‘File’ button from the menu bar and then on ‘New Movie Recording’.

By default QuickTime will take its feed from the Facetime camera. To change that click on the down arrow button, located next to the record button and then click on your iOS device’s name. This should be the device you want to mirror.

Now you will see that QuickTime Player will start mirroring your device’s display on the screen. To enjoy game in full screen, click on the green fullscreen button.

You will be using your iOS device as a controller, which makes mirroring even more fun. This is especially great for games that have intuitive controls, such as NFS No Limits.

Launch your favorite game and start playing. Note that QuickTime will automatically switch to landscape or portrait mode depending on your device’s orientation, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Also, if you just want to play the game on the larger screen then you don’t have to press the record button, as that would save the gameplay video unnecessarily. Of course you can also use this method to record your gameplay, if you want to share it on Youtube or on any other service.