Super Smash Bros Crusade

Have you ever heard about Super Smash Bros Crusade?

It is actually a fan game originally developed by Dr.MarioX, Phantom7 and Falcon8r, and later developed by Project Crusade, led by Jaklub. This game has been in the market for a while, since 2015.

After over two years of development, Project Crusade has released the latest version 0.9.1.Some notable Newcomers are Crash Bandicoot, 3 bosses from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Waluigi, and even the infamous Weegee meme.

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP, Windows 7 or later versions.
  • DirectX 8 compatible graphics card with at least 32MB of video memory.
  • Intel Pentium or higher processors.
  • 128 MB of RAM or higher.

Game can be downloaded in here.

Gameplay &Characters:

With the new update, the game has given to players many choices of visual per character, which is color swap. With color selection options, our characters are look pretty natural and realistic.

Gameplay quite smooth with 60fps, smooth animation guaranteed and nice details also. However, some of the characters seem not very well designed such as Samus and Donkey Kong.

The update version also introduces three new characters: Dr. Mario, Shantae and Nega Shantae:

  • Dr. Mario is pretty much the same in his own game, with some new useful moves during battle.
  • Shantae is an expert fighter with three transformations ability.
  • Nega Shantae is a dark, negative and aggressive version of Shantae with strong combo game.

Alongside with many great characters, the game also included some “not very useful” characters also. One of the best example in here is: Weegee.

Weegee is just an old meme with lack of quality which is should not be in the game at all…

Super Smash Bros Crusade also has received six new stages. Four of these stages - Meta Crystal, Sector Z, Luigi’s Mansion and Balloon Fight –based on the original Super Brostitles.

The other two - the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and Ice Cap Zone - are exclusive for Crusade.

Several new game modes have also been introduced. Classic mode is now available as both a single player and co-op multiplayer mode. The update also includes a special multiplayer mode so called King of the Ring.


The Audio of this game is considered as one of it’s best strength, with multiple tracks of stages. In general, in-game music is really good. Sound effects are also very nice that could keep players from playing over and over again.


Crusade version 0.9.1 now has native support for most PC-compatible controllers, including Nintendo’s official GameCube to Wii U controller adapter and Mayflash's third-party GameCube Controller adapter. This means that from now on, any gamers who use controller instead of keyboard, they could perform actions in full 360 degree very smoothly and get advantage from opponents

Single& Multiplayers mode:

You could have up to 6 players as maximum, this is a good feature of this game that will make you feel the gameplay will never gets boring even when playing with CPU or with online friends.

You could also give Single player mode a try, with some short stages via Classic mode or Training mode to improve your movements and skills.

Verdict/ Summary:

Super Smash Bros Crusade version 0.9.1 is a response to criticisms of the Developer team. This valuable update comes with several visual effect improvements together with new characters. From the character select screen, we also notice that Crusade’s has been updated with completely re-designed artwork for the entire cast.The game is now havinglarger choice of stages, and camera has been zoomed in to more accurately, compare to the original Super Smash Bros.