1.Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami or Zombie Carnaval is an endless runner game produced by Mobigame on May 31, 2012. The player starts the track with a single zombie. After earning enough money you can upgrade to 2 or even 5 zombies to increase your chances of eating more people (zombie food) on the track.

These zombies will bite the people and make them join their group of zombies. The more zombies you have the more chance to eat more gold, the more likely they are to push multiple vehicles at once, and at the same time you have the opportunity to run longer.

Try it now by following the download link below: Zombie Tsunami

2.Monument Valley 2 - The magnificent "art" version continues to launch

Monument Valley 2 is one of the rare games that owns the innovative style of graphic arts design alongside gameplay. In addition, the game is considered the best puzzle game on the iOS platform and "steals" the hearts of many gamers.

Just like its predecessor, Monument Valley 2 takes players into the dream realm with colorful settings in a tiny world where stairs, buildings, houses are constantly rotated and changed right in front of players.

With a simple start, players will immediately immerse themselves in the magical world, which contains a strange world carrying messages through wonderful music. All you see is a gentle journey and not demanding much exploration.

However, Monument Valley 2 brings to gamers a completely new story, the task is to guide the protagonists (a mother and a daughter) on the journey through the ‘magical’ architecture, to explore the illusion roads and to solve interesting puzzles.

Remaining the old gameplay, Monument Valley 2 continues to require players to use the mechanism of rotation, lifting the roads to take the two main characters to escape the labyrinth of three-dimensional space. But like the previous part, the most important factor is still the view. Try to turn architectural blocks wisely to find new perspectives and new ways.

download: Monument Valley 2

3.Super Mario Run – The Most Anticipated Game

The Mario plumber is one of the most popular game characters in the world, especially when Nintendo's ‘Super Mario Bros’ was released in 1985 for the NES platform (4-button gaming machine) and become one of the most favorite games in history.

Basically, the gameplay of Super Mario Run is similar to the familiar way of Super Mario Bros, as the players must control their characters to overcome the obstacles. Based on the way the hands are touched on the screen, the character of the game will have different ways of responding. According to Nintendo, the game was designed for players to easily control with just one hand.

Just like the famous Super Mario Bros, the goal of Super Mario Run is to rescue Princess Peach from the monster named Bowser. The game will consist of 6 maps with 24 different levels. The free version of Super Mario Run will allow players to play in three different modes, but all of them require an internet connection.

Download: Super Mario Run on the App Store

4.The Walking Dead: A New Frontier – Hideous Zombie World

Four years after the events of the first series, A New Frontier continues to take players following Clementine, now a young girl and the dreaming guy Javier. Both of these characters can be controlled by the player, and Javier's main task is to find his family after a clash of hideous zombies.

A New Frontier's play style is still typical of The Walking Dead under Telltale Games. There, players will discover plot details and characters around the conversation system. Before every word of the characters, gamers will be able to select one of the four available answers, decide the course and attitude of everyone. Sometimes it just acts as an informant or pushes the story forward, but sometimes it will decide who loses in the upcoming vital journey.

In addition, A New Frontier also interwoven the action phases requiring players to react quickly according to the situation. These actions must be made immediately and strictly according to the requirements of the game, otherwise you will see yourself dying under the jaws of a dead body or a mental guy.

Download: The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

5.Asphalt Xtreme - Impressive Terrain Racing Game

Asphalt Xtreme is one of therecent racing gamesdeveloped by Gameloft and added to the Asphalt series. Unlike previous Asphalt versions which consisted of the world's top supercars like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Audi... Instead, Asphalt Xtreme brings us Monster, sport utility vehicles, muscle car, etc. with cool and strong forms ready to race on the road like a god.

In the game, the race tracks are not as gorgeous as it is in a lavish cities, but deserts, industrial parks with deserted terrain. More specifically, the famous places in the world as the cold Arctic island of Svabard or the extremely dangerous valley of the Nile, etc.

As for the graphics, the game itself has to say ‘nothing to complain about,’ with real image details with scenes of collision, earthquakes or wading streams, combined with live sound. Playing the game, gamers can feel a real steering.

However, due to the high configuration, the limited configuration of the machine will cause the status of the game lag. When playing, you can also lower the graphics level in the options to experience better.

Download: Asphalt Xtreme: Offroad Rally Racing on the App Store

6.Battle of Polytopia (TBOP) - Tactical Game on Mobile

The Battle of Polytopia (TBOP) brings the collapse style 4x but still attractive players by the Voxel Art graphic style. Although recently debuted, up to now TBOP is not over yet, constantly updating its offerings to satisfy the fans. In addition, TBOP's community is also very active with hundreds of fan art photos that are indexed by TBOP's own Wiki page.

The game interface is simple and easy to interact with. TBOP offers two main game modes: Perfection (you play in 30 views and higher score wins) and Domination (the game ends when you completely eliminate the enemy). The number of races is varied with more than 10 types (some of which are still being developed by MidjiWan.) Of course, manufacturers also require players to pay to be able to select more types besides the four basic ones that the game offers.

After all, the 4x category is quite picky about the player, and if the reader has not been into the genre, it will probably take a few minutes to understand what to do to win. It also means that: MidjiWan has done poorly introducing to newcomers. Bypassing the prelude, TBOP quickly captures the players by removing many complex indexes of 4x, turning 4x becomes simpler than ever before with just a few clicks (3-4 steps). It is entirely possible for the next turn without worrying about the wrong step. The biggest thing that makes a game simple is probably the game's collection indexes, including score, number of stars and of turns. Players only need to get enough stars to be able to build or upgrade their buildings.

Download: The Battle of Polytopia

7.Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft - Multi-platform Card Game

As its name, Hearthstone was one of the best multi-platform card games, developed by the father of the famous World of Warcraft game producer Blizzard Entertainment. For those who have never played WoW before, do not worry because the HS is almost completely unrelated and independent of the way we play WoW.

If anyone has ever played the Yugioh magic games, then Hearthstone will share many similarities. If the cards in Yugioh are beasts or warriors with enormous amount of cards, the cards of HS just wrapped in characters of the WoW series. Therefore, players may not be too overwhelmed and easy to get used to the HS, although the number of cards in this game also increased through each update.

Download: Hearthstone on the App Store

8.MADDEN NFL Mobile for iOS - Popular Rugby Game on iPhone, iPad

MADDEN NFL Mobile is a famous sport game in football. You will become the coach of your favorite team, own legendary NFL stars and lead your team to victory.

In order to win, besides good coaching, players also need a team with the ability to play superstars and have the ability to coordinate with good teammates. Proper rational laying and wise tactics are the key to lead the team to victory.

Choose your favorite NFL team and become a coach. Improve your squad by capturing current football stars like Rob Gronkowski and Antonio Brown or legendary ones such as Jerry Rice. You can freely choose your team of the best players in both past and present by opening packages or through the Auction House. Develop strategies, upgrade your list and bring your team to the tournament to compete with your friends.

Winning or leaving is entirely up to the player to decide. Become a quarterback for the Wide Reiceive, or center back or defender. Compete against friends and opponents in Head-to-Head mode and battle for glory.


9.Trivia Crack - The Most Attractive Mind Game

Trivia Crack is one of the most interesting brain games that allows you to test your knowledge and challenge your friends to find out who is the smartest.

Trivia Crack is a game that consists of 6 different categories: geography, history, literature and art, science and technology, entertainment and sports. Players will have to collect the corresponding avatar for each category. Spin the wheel and the chance is that you will have to answer the question with the hit list. If the wheel stops in a particular position, the player can choose the field according to his own liking.

A game ends after one of the two players gets all six characters, that person will win, or play 25 rounds. A round complete each time the two players take turns until they answer an incorrect question. If the 25 laps and both of you get all six characters, the player with most characters will be the winner. If both players have the same number of characters, a challenge of 6 questions will be presented to each player, and the winner will be the one answering the most right questions. If both players match the challenge statement, the player who started the game will be the winner.

Download: Trivia Crack on the App Store

10.Just Dance Now - The Ultimate Dance Music Festival on Mobile

Just Dance Now for iOS is one of the most dance gamesin the world with breakthroughs in which players will use their iPhone as a controller, connect to a larger screen and dance with their friends.

Just Dance Now is designed with improved gameplay and the all-new Community Remix feature that lets you remix live hits. You have the opportunity to become a star right from the beginning of this game experience. Taking a video of your own dances with the camera device and share it right in the game. From the best videos, the Just Dance Now development team will put together a complete remix so that people around the world can dance like you!

You can also watch all your activity in the Just Dance Now community with the new Just Dance Wall feature which allows players to share stats, glitter with vibrant performances or vote on videos posted, to make friends, to group and more.

Another interesting feature is the Dance Challenger Mode, which allows players to play against anyone in the world, like their friends, family or top dancers. You can score from your previous performances or other people, share scores on the community, and challenge others!

Do not miss the chance to participate in exciting online competitions on Just Dance Now! This is your chance to confirm your dancing skills, to climb up the global rankings and discover who is the most prominent dancer.

Download: Just Dance Now