Every day a lot of mobile games are released and that creates a big problem for gamers, they do not know “what's really a good game”. In today's article, I'm going to introduce you to free mobile games that still have a fascinating and engaging style.


Battlejack promises to bring gamers a creative and classic way of playing extremely attractive. The player has the task of fighting the mighty evil powers to protect the peace of the Midgard myth.

During the Battlejack experience, players will have to collect, merge and evolve the heroes to survive the 100 challenging levels with difficulty increasing over time. Battlejack's gameplay mechanics are inspired by the legendary Blackjack game combined with the role-playing game. This made Battlejack so attractive, completely different from other card games of the same genre. Specifically, the player will be given 2 random cards and is allowed to draw more cards so that the total score on the cards does not exceed 21 so that the character can attack the opponent.

Cards are also divided into four elements including Fire, Water, Earth and Light / Dark, which are mutually immaterial, helping players to come up with unique tactics.

  • Developer: NEXOX M Inc.
  • Size: 207 MB.
  • Cost: Free.

Link download: Battlejack


Bitgram is a new puzzler-type mobile game, with a fairly novel gameplay style that resembles the legendary "Tetris" before. The player's task is to move blocks of objects of a certain color and put them in the right place to create a homogeneous mass.

The game requires players to be smart and fast to eat so many points. The only motivation of the game is that you have to try to break your own record in previous games. However, unlike the games that require the speed of the player, Bitgram brings a sense of relaxation and comfortable for players. It does not put pressure on a system timer. You will come back and play more because it is fun.

  • Developer: 1 Button SARL.
  • Size: 17.6 MB.
  • Cost: Free.

Link download: Bitgram

3.Cat Bird!

Cat Bird is designed with extremely lovely images on the classic Pixel graphics of a platformer game. The player's task is to help the "Cat Bird" to overcome the challenges of more than 40 different levels.

Cat Bird is a very interesting game. You will control Cat Bird with virtual buttons on the phone screen. The two buttons allow you to go left or right with a third button for jumping or surfing. Note: You will have to use this surf button many times in the game. Cat Bird cannot jump high but it can skip a short distance. Take advantage of these features to complete the game.

  • Developer: Ryan Carag.
  • Size: 59.1 MB.
  • Cost: Free.

Link download: Cat Bird


Developed and released by Konig Studios, Clans is a mobile adventure game mixed with tactical and role-playing that allows players to create their own powerful army. The player has the task of fighting the bloodthirsty zombies to rescue the city from their invasion.

  • Developer: Konig Studios, LLC.
  • Size: 427 MB.
  • Cost: Free.

Link download: Clans


Rainbonauts is also a game inspired by the Tetris-shaped myth, with its colorful graphics. The player's mission is to play the role of a "rainbow astronaut" and move to galaxies to create beautiful rainbows.

The game has over 60 levels to challenge you along with countless achievements that you can collect. In addition, the game has an Endless Mode where players can challenge themselves.

  • Developer: Tinker Technologies, Inc.
  • Size: 605 MB.
  • Cost: Free.

Link download: Rainbonauts