Download ArgoVPN for PC, Windows 10 Laptop/Desktop

When the task is to select and install the VPN, everyone should be careful. Always read the review of any high tech blog before installing a VPN. Especially when you intend to buy a VPN service. By the way, on this platform you can find a lot of free VPN apps and some are premium so they are paid apps.

Lately, we have brought lots of certified and genuine Android and Windows VPN apps like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, PureVPN, Cyberghost and VyprVPN, etc. Today we brought another tool named ArgoVPN. This tool is developed by the Filtershekanha team, if you know TeleDR or Electron Proxy, you know the developers behind ArgoVPN well.

Let’s dive into the details and features of ArgoVPN. So you can make yourself understand why ArgoVPN is highly recommended by the 9thbitgames team.

ArgoVPN – Breaking down barriers!

All smartphone or laptop users know at least the basics of VPN. Breaking internet restrictions is the primary goal of every VPN tool, just like the Argo. Usually, the internet user prefers VPNs that offer one-click services. One-click VPNs are good for getting around restrictions, you try them and they really work.

It doesn’t mean that all of these VPNs are safe and secure. Sensible people focus on privacy, not just unblocking. We have published the ArgoVPN for PC tutorial exactly for these people. It is not the one-tap VPN, so it is relatively difficult to use compared to tap-connected VPN apps.

The tool is developed for Persia (old name). Other regions can also benefit from this service. This proxy works on DNS servers and you can tell it works the same as OpenVPN proxies.

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Falcon and bridges:

These are the 2 services provided by ArgoVPN to its users. They are slightly different from each other in terms of operation. Here is the function that each fulfills.

Falcon: Register with your domain name on ArgoVPN to bypass Internet censorship imposed by your state in your country.

Bridges: This is another service also called ArgoVPN Bridge, in this service you can connect your device to the random server through any random public address.

Privacy is the most valuable on the Internet

I have mentioned this quote several times on the Internet. Once a wise man said: “Once connected to the internet you are destroyed. The products aren’t bad but the manufacturers are, or maybe the products are good but the consumers are bad. This theory sometimes makes the Internet controversial. Coming back to the topic, the violation of privacy and the Internet is a never-ending story of hate. People don’t know how important their privacy is, what sources are tracking your activities ?.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is developed for anonymous browsing and surfing and that is the real purpose of it. ArgoVPN will surely protect your privacy rights and keep your device and data as safe as a VPN can.

How to download ArgoVPN for PC (Windows and Mac)

Many of us are familiar with Android emulation. People who do not know should read the explanation below.

Emulation is an art of technology, and the software that performs emulation is called emulators. The art of Android emulation refers to the emulation of the Android operating system and its applications on cross-platform such as Windows OS and macOS. This software is used for Android applications whose Windows or macOS version is not developed. No need to find an example, ArgoVPN is right in front of you.

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ArgoVPN for PC is not developed but available for Android smartphones and tablets. So we are going to install and use ArgoVPN for PC via Android emulation and Android emulators will help us in this procedure.


Step n ° 1: Download BlueStacks.

Step n ° 2: The installation of BlueStacks will be carried out at this stage.

Step No 3: Now the third step will take you to the BlueStacks homepage.

Step n ° 4: The fourth step is the opening of the Google Play application, present on the home screen of the emulators.

Step n ° 5: The fifth step is the registration of a Google account, click on the button. Or, if you don’t have a Google account, click on the Create New option.

ArgoVPN for PC

Step n ° 6: The sixth step is the installation of the ArgoVPN application for PC via the emulator. Once Google Play services are activated, find the ArgoVPN app on Playstore and install it.


Well, ArgoVPN for PC can help you out, but only in the emulator. You need a tool that can perform the operation on your device, whether it’s internal software or the web. Well, if that’s the problem, you need to try Avast Secureline for PC, NordVPN, or the tools mentioned in the second paragraph of the tutorial introduction.

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