Download CyberGhost VPN for Windows [32-Bit & 64-Bit]

CyberGhost VPN

free trial

CyberGhost VPN for PC


  • Security and encryption
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free try
  • Variety of servers
  • No compromise on confidentiality

The inconvenients

  • Slowdown system
  • Paid services after a week’s trial
  • The prices are quite high

Download CyberGhost VPN on Windows Laptop and desktop through this tutorial. In our opinion, VPN is the most sensitive tool among all the applications. Our team therefore carefully selects VPN applications before publishing them on our site. Now VPN is the trending tool and almost VPN apps are downloaded to every other device. People now realize its importance. They know this tool is not just for unlocking. A lot of people don’t understand what VPN is. So we tell them in the brief introduction of CyberGhost VPN.

CyberGhost VPN:

This tool is one of the most requested VPN tools of all time. CyberGhost is also one of the founders of Cyber-sec (Cyber ​​Security). Almost seven years have passed since CyberGhost VPN launched. They are one of those platforms that have told us how important our privacy is on the internet. CyberGhost VPN Moto does not compromise on user privacy and guarantees uninterrupted privacy. Users who want anonymous browsing can surely rely on this tool. If you have to pay for CyberGhost encryption, then do so without hesitation because it deserves it.

Now we come to the security which is the main concern these days. Lots of computers or smartphones do not notice that the platform is on HTTPS protocols or not? This negligence can be detrimental to us and to the errors of its user. Downloading any file from these platforms is an alternative to hitting Ax on your foot. In such cases, if you are frequent internet users at least, connect CyberGhost VPN or NordVPN to secure the device. This will prevent unsecured platforms from doing their malicious activities on your device.

Now the common use of VPN is unblocking. CyberGhost VPN is extremely excellent for unblocking websites and apps. It allows you to easily bypass geo-restrictions. Users can connect to the fastest VPN server by automating connections. Moreover, you will get thousands of proxy servers based on different countries. CyberGhost VPN offers a lot of servers from the most demanded locations like US, UK etc.


  • 1 month
    • $ 12.99 / month
    • Billed $ 12.99 monthly
  • 1 year
    • $ 5.99 / month
    • Billed $ 71.88 annually
  • 2 years
    • $ 3.69 / month
    • Billed $ 88.56 every 2 years

Limited time offer:

    • 3 years
    • $ 2.75 / month
    • Billed $ 99 every 3 years
    • 45 day money back guarantee

Download CyberGhost VPN for PC, Windows (Laptop / Desktop)

You can download CyberGhost VPN on Windows 10 and previous versions of laptops / desktops. MacBook Air and Pro users can also download CrberGhost VPN on their PC. Visit the official CyberGhost site. Or, click on the Download button present above. The file is Google Drive. So it is surely a secure source to download any file. The installation procedure is not too difficult.

You just need to double-click on the CyberGhost_6.5.0.3180.exe file. Allow the app to make changes to your computer. At the end, follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.

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