Download FaceApp for Windows 10/8/7/Xp/Vista – Desktop & Laptop

Download FaceApp for Windows through this tutorial. The new social viral app FaceApp has recently been the subject of a hype. This app is not new, in fact it has been over a year since this app was launched. But right after the celebrities shared their old age photos, this app became very popular. Basically, it is a photo editing app with extraordinary editing equipment. FaceApp Ace of Fame is her age filter, which is all the rage on social media.

Recently some cricketer fans have used the FaceApp age filter on the face of cricketers. These memes make this app go viral and now every active social media user intends to download this app. This app is already available on Android and iOS devices. The problem is, FaceApp doesn’t have a dedicated version for Windows. To finish this inconvenience, we have prepared this tutorial. This leads to downloading FaceApp for Windows 10,8,7 and earlier versions.

FaceApp Age Filters:

Old age:

See yourself in the future with FaceApp’s famous aging filter. Recently old age photos of celebrities like Carrie Underwood, David Beckham, James Harden, Drake, Selena Gomez, Iggy azalea and more are being shared by their fans. The results were absolutely futuristic, the old age photos really look like their present. White hair, beards, wrinkles, everything looks perfect.

This is the power of FaceApp that you can feel after using it. Download FaceApp for Windows 10 and become the master of photo editing. Check out what you will look like at the age of 50. Users can directly share their converted photos to Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

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Young age:

Most smartphone and social media users are still young. Only a few FaceApp users have tried the Young Age FaceApp filter. This technique makes our elders appear younger in the photos. The editing level is professional and so refined, like the results of the age filters. Older people can show their children what they look like when they were teenagers and young. Come back to adulthood enjoying your young life. For the utmost perfection, use FaceApp on a Windows laptop or desktop.

There are many other editing tools in FaceApp that are free. Each technology has advantages and disadvantages and the same rules apply to FaceApp. Where all the users are crazy about this app and appreciate it, there are also some users who have insecurities. See the advantages and disadvantages of the application.

Advantages of FaceApp:

Despite the age filters, FaceApp offers more photo editing equipment for free. Check out the FaceApp pros here.

  • Face prints like Hollywood celebrities.
  • Face, smiley or sad creator.
  • Beautiful backgrounds for photos.
  • Beards and mustaches on the face or without.
  • Many other color filters like Facetune and B612 to have.
  • Makeup avatars for girls, boys can also try if they are not happy with their gender.
  • Hairstyle, change hairstyle and color on the photos.
  • Swap genders for free.

The inconvenients:

Recently, users have noticed some drawbacks in the app. Even I ran into a problem yesterday in this app which I reported. Here are some major downsides of FaceApp that users are sharing these days.

  • Alleged theft of users’ personal information (not by an authentic source).
  • Due to the sudden popularity and increasing number of users, the server is down.
  • No uploading photos, I tried it personally yesterday. I was unable to upload a photo to edit.
  • Login required, usually photo editing apps have no problem with login.
  • Sometimes the application is very slow.
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Downloading FaceApp for Windows 7/8/10 and Mac:

Laptops and desktops are more suitable for applications like FaceApp. You may notice that even studio operators use PC systems for photoshop and editing. FaceApp is not available on Windows. To finish off this major inconvenience, we have prepared this FaceApp for Windows download guide. We need an app installer to install this app on PC. Android emulators are very useful. They allow you to download any Android app on Windows and Mac PC.

  1. Open the browser on Windows (recommended by Google Chrome).
  2. Visit the official BlueStacks website
  3. Download BlueStacks from the site.
  4. To speed up the download speed, you need a VPN like Astrill VPN or PrivateVPN. Using Internet Download Manager is also not a bad option.
  5. After downloading, locate the BlueStacks exe file from the downloads. Double-click on the file to install it on Windows. The download and installation will take a long time due to the large file size.
  6. We will now configure BlueStacks to make it ready for the first use. Select a language that you can easily understand.
  7. After selecting the language, complete the other formalities.
  8. At the end, enter the Google account (which already exists). If you don’t have a Google Account, create a new one for free.
  9. Once the BlueStacks home screen appears, click on Google Play.
  10. Search for FaceApp and install it.

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