Download Facebook Messenger for Windows Desktop

Facebook Messenger


Facebook Messenger


  • Communication is easier
  • Video and audio call
  • Split view of cats
  • Media sharing
  • Free use via WiFi

The inconvenients

  • Disturbance during labor
  • Waste of time
  • Not pacy like FB Messenger App
  • Privacy issue because you cannot hide the laptop screen from other person’s eyes

Only WhatsApp does not rule the world of communication. Facebook Messenger is also part of the elite alliance of communications applications. We all know that Facebook is the most used social network in the world. Probably more than half of the world is on Facebook. This is the main reason why the world has become Global Village. Facebook also launched Facebook Messenger on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS a few years ago. You may not know that you can download Facebook Messenger for desktop too. Not a web version, but an appropriate application.

Facebook Messenger for desktop:

Facebook Messenger offers all the features present in the app for Android and iOS. Well, there is a point where FB Messenger Desktop leads from WhatsApp Desktop. You can make voice and video calls from Facebook Messenger for Desktop. In the PC version of WhatsApp, you can make the calls. Other than calling, other features are the same.

You can chat with all your Facebook friends on laptops. Share media files from your computer with your friends. The file size limitation is the same as you have in the app. You don’t need to scan the QR code to activate the Desktop version. Once you have downloaded the FB messenger on PC, just enter your mail or Facebook linked number and password.

Enjoy the shared view where you don’t need to go back for a second conversation. Each chat will be available to you with just one click. Manage multiple chats at once. Besides, it activates notifications for better use. PC will inform you that the person “Name” has texted or called you. Therefore, for better communication experience, Facebook Messenger for Desktop is perfect. Take a look at the section below, how to install FB Messenger on the desktop.

Download Facebook Messenger for Windows or Mac

Well, it’s quite simple to install Facebook Messenger on Windows 10 Desktop or previous version. It is similar to installing any software on Windows and Mac. There is the downloaded FaceBookMessengerSetup.exe file on your Google Drive. This is the latest version of FB Messenger. The link is given in the Download button at the top.

Remember that you need to click Yes when you want to allow this app to make changes on your device. After that, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. Once Facebook Messenger is successfully installed on the desktop, log into your existing Facebook account. Your FB Messenger is ready for you with all current, recent and old chats.

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