Download Garena Free Fire for PC with new map Download [UPDATED] πŸ₯‡

Finding a way to play Garena Free Fire Winterlands for PC? You are in the right place. A new generation of gamers can’t get enough of playing battle royale games over and over again. The developers of Fortnite and PUBG claim the status of the founder of the concept of battle royale and survival. But before PUBG and Fortnite, some games are already expected to rule battle royale games.

Garena Free Fire for PC

Sure 9thbitgames, you can get many good battle royale games like Rules of Survival, BattleLands Royale, Survivor Royale, Creative destruction, etc. Today we will bring you another amazing battle royale sensation, Garena Free Fire. Not new, but this game still retained its charm. Before proceeding to a guide to download Garena Free Fire for PC, it is best to see how this game differs from other battle royale games.

Garena Free Fire for PC

Uniqueness of Garena Free Fire:

While others battle royale games fit so many players into one card, Free Fire doesn’t like it. Garena Free Fire has a limit of 50 maximum, including yourself. Unqiue avatars are not copied but created by yourself. The key point that makes Garena Free Fire different from the rest is amazing graphics. A lot of other things that we can’t find in other games can be located in Garena Free Fire. Not a competitor of PUBG, in fact no comparison with PUBG, PUBG belongs on an ultimate level. Garena Free Fire has just made its own identity.

Garena Free Fire Gameplay:

The concept of the game is in the name. Free fire, Shoot freely anywhere as the map is overloaded with 49 other players. You can surely kill a lot of players by shooting blind at the start. After a while, the real tricky battle will begin when there are only limited players left. Players will land on a large map by jumping off Boing’s plane.

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A new map has recently been added known as Winterland. This map is special for winter and has become the most popular map in Garena Free Fire. Do you want to try it? play Garena Free Fire for the Winterlands PC card and enjoy the holidays. Players have the option of choosing an area where they wish to land. Hey! you are with bare hands but not barefoot. A skateboard is attached to your feet. No firearms are allowed to take with them. Players have to manage weapons and equipment collection after landing.

Garena Free Fire for PC

Similarities with other Battle Royale games:

Garena Free Fire’s game concept is quite similar to PUBG, Rules of survival. The person who holds out until the last will be a winner. It is quite easy to understand the concept of the game. There are 50 players including you on the field. If you are playing solo, that means you have 49 rivals to kill. The same goes for each of the other 49 players. It is not an easy task. Remember to loot loot left by other players after being killed. The vehicle is also present on the map, killing an enemy using explosive vehicles is not a bad option.

Sitting with family or friends, are you bored? Play Garena Free Fire in team mode. Best group entertainment surely, at least you don’t need to put a burden on the wallet. This game is free to download and play. Also, we want to clarify, getting Garena Free Fire for PC doesn’t charge you any amount.

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Download Garena Free Fire for PC:

Last name: Garena Free FireΒ 1.27.0
File size: 62 MB
Pricing: Free
Integrated purchasing: √ Yes
Platform: Android (4.0.3 and up)

Download Garena Free Fire for Windows

How to download Garena Free Fire for PC:

Maximum time required: 20 minutes (depends on internet connection).

The steps below will lead you to get Garena Free Fire for PC, Windows, and Mac.

  • Download and install the Android emulator:
    Windows and Mac users have a lot of choices in Android emulators. BlueStacks and Nox app players are the best for running Android apps and games for the PC industry. Windows users should select BlueStacks 4, while Mac users can rely on Nox App Player. The author is using Windows, so the steps below are in accordance with Garena Free Fire for Windows PC.
  • Add a Google Account:
    BlueStacks requests a Google account right after installation. Add your Google account (the account you use on an Android smartphone). If you don’t have a Google account, create one directly from BlueStacks by clicking on the Create a new account option.
  • Install Garena Free Fire for PC from Google Play:
    Open Google Play, it is located in My apps> System apps. Search for the Garena Free Fire on Google Play. Install Garena Free Fire on PC by clicking the Install button.


Hardcore gamers still prefer the PC to smartphones. On the other hand, Android games are more compact, cheaper, and limited in file size. So taking an Android game like Garena Free Fire on PC can save us cost and heavy file size. Garena Free Fire defined the β€œpermanent” trend. After the arrival of PUBG, many battle royale game enthusiasts turned to PUBG, but Garena Free Fire players don’t seem to be leaving it. The personal experience of playing Garena Free Fire on Windows was so good.

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