Download Haven Keep Watch for PC, Windows 7/8/10 and MacBook

Due to the tech work, I visit the Github or The Guardians daily to find new things to share. I saw an app named Haven Keep Watch. Such an interesting title that I can’t help but search for this app. After some research, I conclude that this app is the creation of the world’s best cybersecurity experts. I now use this app for my smartphone and my PC. It is officially available on Android and iOS. But at download the Haven app for PC we need specific software. It is not designed for a computer.

We’ve been listening to cyber leaks for a while. Many of us have been the victims of hacks and information thieves. People use different requirements for the security of their applications and internal data. For example, security apps, antivirus apps, VPNs, etc. And we guess Haven App is the best treat for security and privacy conscious people.

Haven Keep Watch for PC

What is Haven App?

Haven Keep Watch app is a revolutionary app designed by Edward Snowden and The Guardian. Did you hear Edward’s name? He is a former employee of the American secret agency. He’s probably one of the coolest IT pros in the world. After being underground for a long time, he’s back in the game. Recently he developed an app called Haven Keep Watch. This app is the ability to turn your device into a machine full of sensors. The Haven app is the joint creation of the Edward Project and The Guardian (Tor operator).

The Haven app is designed to protect the privacy of individuals, especially activists, journalists and human rights defenders. We are not the sole owners of the data on our smartphones, it is an almost true rumor that our national agencies also have an up-to-date copy. What is this app capable of? It can show you who is monitoring your mobile data. Your data belongs to you and why are other sources accessing it? As we told you before, this app turns your device into a sensor machine. It also supports cameras with microphones. Here you can monitor live CCTV coverage.

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Important note: The above information we have written is based on reviews from popular tech enthusiasts. We have no affiliation with The Guardian Project or Edward Snowden. This theory is just for informational purposes. This application had been in testing for sufficient time. Now we finally have a full Guardian Project app.

How to download the Haven app for PC?

As this application is not available for PC. We therefore cannot download Haven Keep Watch directly on Windows or Mac. Either way, we can successfully install and use the Android version of this app on PC. But, we need the help of Android emulators. They alone can enable us to accomplish this task.

Haven Keep Watch for PC

While researching the procedures, we found the term Android emulators. In terms of technology, emulators are called “to emulate”. Emulators allow users to install an operating system on an unauthorized computer or smartphone. So, Android emulators are the application installers that will allow you to install Haven Keep Watch for PC.

Download Android Emulators:

BlueStacks is the best Android emualtor to install Haven Keep Watch for Windows.

Mac users should select Nox App Player to download Haven Keep Watch for Mac.

Now let’s move on to the last section of this tutorial. These are guides to download Word Episode for Windows 10 and Mac OS.

Download the Haven app for Windows [Laptop/Desktop]:

Follow these steps to install Haven Keep Watch for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and previous versions.

1 • First, download BlueStacks on Windows. Either go to our guides or visit directly

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2 • Once downloaded, run the installer to start the installation. Wait for the installation the process is complete.

3 • After installation, launch BlueStacks. You must now complete these formalities

  • Select language (English recommended)
  • Enter the Google account that already exists. Or create a new one if you don’t have it.

4 • After logging in, the BlueStacks home screen will appear in front of you. There will be a Google Play Store app on the main page.

5 • Open Google Play Store and enter the Haven Keep Watch and click search.

6 • After finding it, open the Haven Keep Watch and click the install button.

7 • Wait for the installation, then open the app and enjoy the fun of the big screen.

Install Haven Keep Watch on Mac and Mac OS X:

The above method can also be used on Mac. But for best results, we suggest Haven Keep Watch on Mac through Nox App Player. Follow these steps to get this app on Mac and Mac OS X.

1 • Download and install Nox App Player on Mac from here.

2 • Once Nox App Player is installed on Mac. Launch it and wait for the configuration.

3 • After setup, you will see the Nox Player homepage. Click on the Google Play Store app.

4 • Search for the Haven Keep Watch app on Google Play.

5 • Select the application from the displayed list and click the Install button.

6 • That’s all! Open the app and enjoy the best security and privacy protection.


So, viewers, this was the Haven App Keep Watch tutorial and how to install it. This app is not that popular now. In fact, few people know it. Hope our users will try this app at least once. Our main concern was the procedure for downloading the Haven application on PC. But for the sake of the users, we have also mentioned the use of the app and its features. After installation, you can use Haven Keep Watch on PC just like you use it on Android device.

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If you have any problem installing Haven Keep Watch for PC, let us know in the comments. We will respond as soon as possible. Also, if you liked us, follow our Facebook page for new updates. Please also share this information with your friends. Thank you!

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