Download & Install LifeAfter for PC, Windows – Mac Download [UPDATED] πŸ₯‡

Get the world fame of the new LifeAfter game on Windows PC for free. Probably all of the big names in game development have made Battle Royale games to be in this race. Tencent and Epic games are prominent examples. But there is a fact, in the Battle Royale genre the popularity of NetEase products is so high. In the new LifeAfter game, NetEase has broken all barriers of popularity.

LifeAfter for PC

LifeAfter is an astonishing mix of elements of survival, adventure, horror, action and the apocalyptic. There is also a touch of zombie apocalypse. LifeAfter is on smartphones now, so go ahead and grab it from the app market. Before navigating to the download steps LifeAfter for PC, see what this game is capable of.

LifeAfter for PC

Download LifeAfter for PC:

Author NetEase
Kind Role play (survival)
Release date February 2019 (final version)
Version 1.0.123
Requirements Windows 7/8/10

How to download and install LifeAfter for PC:

As we said before, LifeAfter is only available for smartphones. So far, people with iOS or Android compatible devices can get LifeAfter on Google Play and the App Store. Windows users cannot enjoy LifeAfter directly on their PCs and laptops. Our purpose in coming here is to guide viewers on how to download and install LifeAfter for PC indirectly.

It’s been almost a year since we have been guiding our users on how to run Android apps and games on PC using Android emulators. This specific software that allows you to play any game and use an application, available on Android. So using Android emulator surely we can play LifeAfter for PC, Windowsand Mac for free. Well you have a lot of choice in selecting android emulator, if you ask for our suggestion our vote goes for BlueStacks. Download BlueStacks from the button (below), or visit the official website

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Necessary time: 20 mins

  1. Once your BlueStacks has downloaded completely, the next step is to install it. Run the downloaded file, allow it to make changes on your computer.
  2. BlueStacks startup will appear with the install button, click on it.
  3. First select the language, enter the Google account, this step is mandatory. Enter the Google account (username and password). Note: If you do not have a Google account, create a new one by clicking on “Create a new account”.
  4. Now BlueStacks is completely ready for use. Go to My Apps, there will be APK installation option at the bottom, click on it. Select the LifeAfter installed APK file that you downloaded and let it install. By the way, LifeAfter is officially available on Google Play. So you can download LifeAfter for PC just by going to My Apps> System Apps> Play Store. Install LifeAfter for PC from here.

LifeAfter Features:

It’s off topic but relevant. People who want to see what LifeAfter is for, what the features and storyline of LifeAfter are, this is for them. We will mention the key properties of LifeAfter. Find out what expectations you can set with LifeAfter for PC once you’ve downloaded it.

Graphics at another level:

NetEase designed the next level graphics for LifeAfter. Even their record successes like Rules of survival and Survivor Royale doesn’t have as many stunning graphics and visuals. LifeAfter is going to really give PUBG Mobile a hard time. One thing people love the most about LifeAfter is virtual love. As you can see from the official video tutorial, it has some kind of romance and stunning graphics make it more realistic. Gamers will enjoy these visuals more if they download LifeAfter for PC or Windows Laptop.

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Control command:

If the game’s controls are hard to figure out, people leave it after the first time. NetEase has kept this fact in mind, which is why they have tried to keep the controls as simple as possible. As we said in our previous suggestion Garena Free Fire for PC, LifeAfter Controls is quite similar to this. Additionally, gamers will also feel comfortable in the controls while playing LifeAfter on a Windows PC or laptop.

Interesting story:

The main attraction point of this game is the storyline. There is no doubt that the concept is not new, but the scenario is different. A destructive virus storm has taken it the victim around the world. This virus has affected human genes. When darkness wins over light at night, the virus begins to show that it works. Innocent humans turn into a hungry wild monster, who loves to eat humans. Fortunately, you and your love are the few who are saved from this virus. Finding a safe place where you are your partner can stay safe from these zombies. The game starts when they approach you, at that point you have to fight for your survival.

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