Download NetEase game Cyber Hunter for PC, Windows Download [UPDATED] 🥇

NetEase doesn’t come slowly, they never tire of giving away the brilliant Battle Royale game over and over again. This time they strike back with a new battle royale feel Cyber ​​hunter. The last time they released Rules of survival, they have caught the attention of millions of gamers. Their games have ruled smartphones and tablets since the arrival of Tencent PUBG and Epic Games Fortnite. Cyber ​​Hunter is still only on the small screen. To add a large touchscreen, we highly recommend you try Cyber ​​Hunter for PC.

Cyber ​​Hunter for PC

Cyber ​​Hunter Intro:

  • When NetEase Is saying “Cyber ​​Hunter is the next generation competitive sandbox survival game“. This means that gamers are really going to witness the next level Battle Royale product. Destruction, murder, greed for victory, shooting, skill enhancement, that’s what Cyber ​​Hunter is.
  • We may have fought in towns and changed the location on the maps in the Battle Royale game. But parkour in an urban environment is something different. At least the players won’t try to find a safe zone. Who wants to face a player sitting at a height with 8x range on Sniper.
  • On the other hand, Cyber ​​hunter Time Machine will take you to futuristic advanced worlds. Witness the advancement of the technological world. After brain-computer technology and very advanced human civilizations. These elements are presented in stunning visuals, HD graphics by Cyber ​​Hunter.
  • Quantum physics the subjects are used beautifully here. Besides weapons, heroic characters have supernatural powers. With the help of quantum droids, Cyber ​​Hunter transforms the energy of the Quantum Cube into any tactical support device players need.

Cyber ​​Hunter for PC

Cyber ​​Hunter Gameplay:

Cuber Hunter is the Battle Royale games. To make the game different from other games in the same genre, the makers have added some great Adventures elements in Cyber ​​Hunter. The scenario is not that different. Likewise, a player will land on a large specially designed map. The weapons are scattered in different areas. Obtaining weapons is the first priority for any Battle Royale player. Go get them before another player gets their hands on them.

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Kill all your rivals to become the champion. The man or girl who will stand to the last will be like a Victorian. No advantage in hiding, the cards will shrink over time. All players will get closer to each other over time. As the assassination begins.

This is the first time I’ve seen sports cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Fly-ables in a Battle Royale game.

Cyber ​​Hunter for PC

Team and solo:

Like other Battle Royale games, Cyber ​​Hunter also includes 2 modes. Play solo or in a group. In Solo mode, the player does not need to work under someone’s orders. Play the way you want. Each player on the map will fight individually for victory.

On the other hand team mode is great entertainment for fans of team fighting. Especially if you and your friends are sitting together, the entertainment is at the top. Cover your companion if he gets no weapons. The team battle will continue until each teammate is alive. A new style of medical functionality is introduced in Cyber ​​Hunter. Heal your injured teammate there. The other players must manage the fight until their teammate recovers.

Maps and locations:

The cards are designed according to the gaming environments desired by the users. Cities, deserts, forests, urban areas and the advanced futuristic world. Players have pretty much a choice when it comes to card selection. Have you ever played a battle royale under a 100 meter high waterfall? Of course not, only Cyber ​​Hunter is able to give such a location. The locations of the weapons are different for each map.

Cyber ​​Hunter for PC

Helpful Cyber ​​Hunter Tips:

  • The use of high-range weapons is the only beneficiary when a player is able to find a safe area at height. In the field, use the powerful and rapid-fire weapons.
  • In the team battle, let the rival team come together at some point. It will be easy for you to kill them all at once. Use gas or grenades when the rival team is in an enclosed area.
  • If your teammate can’t find a weapon. Sacrifice your only weapon, give it to him. Show a little sportsmanship, brother.
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Cyber ​​Hunter vs Creative Destruction: There are many similarities between Cyber ​​Hunter and Creative Destruction. Creative Destruction offers smoother and easier to understand gameplay. On the other hand, Cyber ​​Hunter is the leader when it comes to graphics quality, graphics, and onscreen control features. If we compare Creative Destruction for PC and Cyber ​​Hunter for PC, Creative Destruction tops the list here. Cyber ​​Hunter for PC the controls are not too bad but it is quite complicated.

No doubt that there is not a single game that can compete at the level of PUBG and Fortnite. On the other hand, one cannot deny this fact also, that the taste of the players varies with time. No one can play the same game for years, the time comes when they start to get bored of playing the same game. Lately 9thbitgames has suggested many popular games like Creative destruction for pc, Mobile CrossFire Legends for PC. If we stick to NetEase games only, users can get Survival Royale for PC, Fortcraft for pc. These games make NetEase the third best Battle Royale game creator in the world.

Download Cyber ​​Hunter for PC, Windows:

The personal experience of playing Cyber ​​Hunter for PC was really good. I found it to be really effective and impressive. I was not able to use all of the distinctive features for free. Do you want to experience the same, try Cyber ​​Hunter for PC through the steps below?

  1. Once the download is complete, install Android Emulator by clicking on the setup.exe file.
  2. Open emulators select your language.
  3. BlueStacks requests a Google ID in the Starting app and Nox App Player requests it later.
  4. I have used BlueStacks, if you do the same enter your google account id and password. Don’t worry, it’s secure like an Android smartphone.
  5. Once registered on Playstore. Type Cyber ​​Hunter in the search bar, hit the enter button, or click the search icon.
  6. Install Cyber ​​Hunter by Netease on your PC and play without interruption.
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How to install Cyber ​​Hunter Apk on PC:

You can also install Cyber ​​Hunter Apk on Windows and Android PC. Install the Cyber ​​Hunter APK from any leading service provider.

  • Download the Cyber ​​Hunter APK from the link.
  • Launch BlueStacks on PC.
  • Drag the Downloaded Cyber ​​Hunter APK file into BlueStacks.
  • Wait for the file to install.
  • After the files are successfully downloaded, open the game and enjoy it.

General description

In recent years, NetEase has reached its peak due to the creation of sensational games. After PUBG and Fortnite, Netease’s Battle Royale games have the highest number of players. Cyber ​​Hunter is a versatile game, ideal for playing and having fun. This game will surely succeed in attracting the attention of other players. Cyber ​​Hunter was designed for smartphones and tablets supporting iOS and Android only. The gaming experience is more charming and entertaining on PC than on smartphones. So we highly recommend everyone to try Cyber ​​Hunter for PC. Cyber ​​Hunter will launch soon, it is in development for the final version now.

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