Download Procreate App for PC [Windows OS and macOS] 2020

“You don’t take a picture, you do it” -Ansel Adams

Download Procreate App for PC. Every person is an artist, but you have to bring this art out to the world. Among the oldest, classical and popular arts of all time, painting and drawing rank first. Probably the first art that mankind discovered and made.

the web is a journey in its own right

Leonardo Da Vinci and Piccaso are the best until today. They also learned it with time and observation, today the whole world follows them and no one can match their level of art but learning is a must. So if you want to learn painting, drawing, drawing in this modern era, Procreate is a must-have. Learn how to paint and indirectly download the Procreate app for PC.

The medium is different but art is a “verb”, not an object.

This app is great for learners, pros and masters. Suitable for all stages of art from single line to full painting. Show the world what talent and what commandment over talent God has given into your hands. The Procreate app is only available for iOS and iPadOS as drawing and painting on iPhone, iPad is smoother than any other device. Neither available on Android nor on computer operating systems such as Windows and Mac OS.

About the Procreate app

When it comes to the art of painting, the Procreate is a β€œjack of all trades”. The app brings a plethora of tools that help us create a masterpiece. Due to the realistic results, this app is now very popular.

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Procreate App for PC

Not just a painter, many animators are big fans of this app. Users can create Japanese animations and share them with Otakus. This app can be a good business creator for you. Procreate has various brushes and techniques to produce rich art and animation that come to life.

Art sharing

This is the best feature and the one that I personally enjoyed the most. The Procreate is no longer just an artistic tool, it is also a social platform for artists. Here, thousands of artists have created their art and share those on the Procreate Social.

It’s simple to do, the main thing to do is to create your profile on Here you can see many masterpieces of art which are highly appreciated by the whole community.

Procreate App for PC

Once your project is complete, click share and go viral. Maybe your art will show up on their homepage. Once you have achieved this goal, your future will be bright.

Cost of application

Procreate offers 2 types of variants. One is the Procreate which costs you $ 9.99 a month. You can pay for the services using Apple Pay. The other is Procreate Pocket, you can say it is the lite version of the Procreate app. It costs $ 4.99 for users. Most mid-level and beginner-level artists prefer the Procreate Pocket before moving on to the main application. Good thing once you get the order then upgrade to the pro version.

Operating system support

The developers had previously announced that they had no intention of creating the Procreate app for Android. Only available for iOS and iPadOS devices. You can find the Procreate APK on apkpure or other APK providers, but it is just a fake clone. The app is not even developed by the official developers. Be aware of scams and applications full of malware.

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How to download the Procreate app for PC

This means that we cannot install Procreate on Android and neither on Windows nor on MacOS. The only option we have left is. This means that we only have one option left which uses the iOS emulator. We have iPadian as β€œso called best iOS emulator”. To be fair, we haven’t had a great experience with iPadian before. Now they have released the latest version of the iPadian iOS emulator with iOS 14. Yet we are not happy with this software.

Our best recommendation is to look for an alternative to Procreate available on Android. Artflow Studio, ibis Paint, Krita and many more options are available. They are not that different from the Procreate app.

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