Download PUBG Mobile KR for PC, Laptop – Windows Download [UPDATED] 🥇

Is there a player who does not know the battlegrounds of unknown players. In 2017, the last few months, this game was released and conquered the whole world by storm. This game will surely be the best game of the century or at least a decade. Previously, it was published for computers only for mobiles. Now the new version of PUBG Mobile has arrived known as PUBG Mobile KR. This Korean version of PUBG Mobile is getting popular day by day as the other version of PUBG already has it. PUBG Mobile Korean is only designed for smartphones supported by Android or iOS. We will tell you how to download PUBG Mobile KR for PC, due to the larger larger entertainment screen.

PUBG Mobile KR for PC

Unknown players Battleground Korean is the newcomer. Even many people are still unaware of the existence of this version. Well there aren’t that many changes in this version. In fact, the game is similar to the original PUBG Mobile. The only difference is the language, PUBG Mobile KR offers Korean language for Koreans. For your information, PUBG Mobile is also available in Chinese version. Before proceeding to the download guide PUBG Mobile KR for Windows PC, let’s look at the nature, features, missions and goals of PUBG.

Introducing PUBG Mobile:

PUBG is the famous battle royale game. The Chinese giant conglomerate Tencent Corporation released this game by purchasing game equity. PUBG corporation (a subsidiary of Bluehole Studio) is the company behind this record-breaking game. So far 50 million copies of PUBG are sold according to official figures and sales continue.

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PUBG Mobile Korea for PC

PUBG Mobile KR Gameplay:

Without a doubt, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) offers the most exhilarating Battlefield experience. The gameplay is quite straightforward and easy to understand. There are 100 players on a single map. They landed through a parachute from a plane and are all bare handed. The weapons are scattered in different corners of the map. Collect the weapons and start the assassination of your rivals on the map. Someone who survives to the end will be the champion. The cards measure 8 × 8 km. Are you desperate for Winner Winner Chicken Dinner? So download PUBG for PC now and enjoy it.

You have the option to download the official version of PUBG PC. Or, you can download PUBG Mobile KR for PC through an official emulator.

PUBG Mobile KR for PC

Outstanding Features:

The graphics level of PUBG Mobile KR is damn high. Everything in the game looks real. The brilliantly designed Full HD graphics are the main draw for newcomers and people already playing it.

The controls are easy to learn and master in a very short time. The only thing that is difficult for users is the goal of perfection. It depends on your shooting skills.

The sounds are also good, in keeping with the surroundings. PUBG BGM is so realistic that it gives us the exact feel of our presence in Battlefield.

Every weapon and vehicle in PUBG is taken from real life. Every weapon is probably available in PUBG, which is a symbol of destruction in the military.


PUBG Mobile KR for PC
Author Bluehole, PUBG Corporation
Editor Tencent Corporation
Nature Battle Royale, Survival
Supported Operating System Windows, Android, iOS, Xbox, PS4
Integrated purchasing $ 7.90 per item
Game price tag Release
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How to Download PUBG Mobile KR for PC:

Although PUBG for PC, Windows, Mac is already officially available, people still love to play PUBG Mobile on PC. After realizing this resemblance, Tencent launched its official emulator especially for PUBG Mobile. The emulator is known as Tencent Gaming Buddy. This emulator has only one purpose which is to let people play PUBG Mobile KR on PC. So download Tencent Gaming Buddy for PC from Official site. Or, download TGB by clicking on the button we have already prepared for you.

After downloading the emulator, it will first install on PC. Allow the emulator to make changes to your computer. After installing the emulator, it’s time to install PUBG Mobile KR on PC. It’s quite simple, Emulator will automatically show you PUBG Mobile with a download button. Click that button and that’s it. Remember, the login emulator on Tencent Gaming Buddy is a must.

In conclusion

PUBG Mobile KR is the Korean variant of the PUBG Mobile franchise. The developers and editors are the same for the Korean version. But in the case of PUBG VT, the editors are different. It won’t be surprising that the Korean version becomes superhit like the international version of PUBG Mobile, of course the name PUBG is enough. Minor changes are made to the Korean version. Playing PUBG Mobile KR for PC on the official Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator is a pleasant experience. Sometimes it will lag behind on computers with weak graphics cards.

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