Download PUBG Mobile Vietnam for PC – Windows Download [UPDATED] 🥇

It’s quite possible that PUBG is the game of the 21st century or maybe the entire millennium. PUBG has broken all records for popularity, sales, ratings set by GTA, COD, etc. PUBG is now on multiple platforms Windows, Android, Xbox, PS4, iOS, etc. Now PUBG is emerging as a real gaming industry. Tencent has started to launch the various PUBG variants. Recently we informed our users about PUBG Mobile KR for PCNow is the time for PUBG Mobile Vietnam for PC. It won’t be that special if the Vietnamese version of PUBG Mobile is a superhit. Overall, the name includes the name PUBG and obviously the battle royale lover will draw to him.

PUBG Mobile Vietnam version

Creators and publishers:

VNG Game Publishing is the publisher of PUBG Mobile Vietnam. The concept and theme is the same as the Global PUBG Mobile version of Tecent & Bluehole. Only a few changes are made to this version. The main change is language support, this version is in Vietnamese. The second thing is the change of costumes. Some ghost avatars are also added to the menu. The rest of the game is identical to the international variant of PUBG Mobile. Just take a look at the remarkable specs of PUBG Mobile Vietnam.

Specifications of Vietnamese version of PUBG Mobile:

  1. There are 99 players on a map excluding you. All have the same ambition and this becomes the last survivor.
  2. The maps vary from 4 × 4 km to 8 × 8 km square. Such a huge card size, but it will decrease over time.
  3. Famous weapons and equipment, for example, Divine Pan, Hat 3, Armor 3 are included here. Fight for the 8X range as it is rarely available.
  4. Cars without offers then burn the wheels. PUBG Mobile Vietnam includes many explosive vehicles.
  5. In addition to survival, ranking matters as well. As you progress through the game, your rank will improve and your skills will become immortal.
  6. The game uses the unreal engine 4 to make the graphics crisp. Only a few other games compare to this game.
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PUBG Mobile Vietnam for PC

PUBG Mobile Vietnam for PC details:

  1. Players playing PUBG Mobile Vietnam for PC will only be matched with those who are also using an emulator (Tencent Gaming Buddy). Thus, all players will be equal on the control commands.
  2. It will take longer to download the emulator than the full version of PUBG Android. Downloading the installer will not take that long.
  3. The main advantages that players will benefit from are the resolution adjustment. Emulators allow gamers to set the resolution to 720p, 1080p, and Ultra HD 2K resolutions. For 2K resolution, the gamer must have at least one GTX 1060 graphics card in their device.
  4. When you bring Android Game to PC, it is obvious that you will encounter some control difficulty. But PUBG Mobile Vietnam’s controls on the emulator are like a random Windows game. The on-screen controls depend on the mouse click. While other controls like move, jump, glide, pose, and sit are key-controlled. Define the keys you trust.

How to download PUBG Mobile Vietnam for PC:

Although PUBG for PC, Windows, Mac is already officially available, people still love to play PUBG Mobile on PC. After realizing this resemblance, Tencent launched its official emulator especially for PUBG Mobile. The emulator is known as Tencent Gaming Buddy. This emulator has only one purpose, which is to allow people to play PUBG Mobile Vietnam on PC. So download Tencent Gaming Buddy for PC from Official site. Or, download TGB by clicking on the button we have already prepared for you.

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After downloading the emulator, it will first install on PC. Allow the emulator to make changes to your computer. After installing the emulator, it’s time to install PUBG Mobile Vietnam on PC. It’s quite simple, Emulator will automatically show you PUBG Mobile with a download button. Click that button and that’s it. Remember, the login emulator on Tencent Gaming Buddy is a must.


Vietnamese PUBG is not that different from the international variant of PUBG for mobile. The battleground unknown to gamers is now the tycoon of the video game industry. A landmark that will be really difficult to cross. PUBG Vietnam for PC can be officially played. Tencent has launched a Tencent playmate for PUBG enthusiasts. Now take this powerful Android game to the big screen and increase the level of entertainment. The personal experience of playing PUBG Mobile VT for PC was good. But there will be obstacles to control at the start.

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