Download SuperCam Plus for PC, Windows 10 & macOS

A complete tutorial on installing SuperCam Plus for PC. In addition to the main guide, we will also go over the SuperCam Plus and its main features. First, we will explain why CCTV cameras are important and what concerns camera surveillance applications. So let’s get started!

Why CCTV Cameras Are Important:

There is not a single city in the world that is saved from crime. Every day we hear the news about crimes and the crime rate is increasing. Now, people who can afford it use a variety of services to secure their homes and offices. Security guards and security cameras are the 2 most effective measures. This is why people prefer these two.

Surveillance cameras play the role of human eyes in their presence and in their absence. People who own a good sized business or home use CCTV. So they can keep an eye on their interior and exterior at all times. You can monitor the surroundings of your property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Specialty the entrances and exits of their homes and offices. We cannot explain the importance of the CCTV camera more than these words “They make you safe”.

What is SuperCam Plus?

Usually, people who can afford the expense of a full camera setup have a separate monitor screen. This screen shows you live IP camera coverage. But, the problem is, the watch screen tied you to one room or living room. You can’t always take them with you to see them at home or at work. In such situations, apps like SuperCam Plus help us. We always have our smartphones or our laptop with us. If you install the SuperCam Plus for desktop or mobile, they can let us monitor the camera coverage.

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SuperCam Plus for PC

SuperCam Plus is a free application that can be connected with several cameras at the same time. Shows you real-time camera coverage without intermediary server intervention. Moreover, this app offers basic control like Pan, Tilt, Zoom. The condition is that your camera must have such functionality.

Notifications and alerts:

Notifications and alerts are the most important part of any monitoring application. Especially at night, these options should be enabled. Usually, criminals commit their crimes at night. So, whenever your cameras detect movement, you will be notified via the apps. The video tabs for each camera will be displayed individually. This means that you will receive alerts from every IP camera in the IP camera network.

If you can’t afford a camera setup, try the BabyCam app. It is enough to assemble a small house.

How to download SuperCam Plus for PC:

You have just downloaded an Android emulator which will help you run all Android games and apps on PC. Install Bluestacks on PC. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: First of all you need to download BlueStacks on the official website. Here is the Download button from BlueStacks.

Download BlueStacks Download BlueStacks

2nd step: Run BlueStacks Setup.exe to start extracting BlueStacks files.

Step 3: After extraction, the BlueStacks start screen will appear with an Install button. Click on the Install button to install BlueStacks on PC and to configure BlueStacks with PC.

SuperCam Plus for PC

Step 4: Log into your Google Android account, enter your Gmail ID and password.
Note: If you don’t have a Google Account, you can create a new one. Just click on Create a new account.

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Step 5: Once the formalities have been completed, the BlueStacks home screen will appear. From the home menu, click on the Play Store.

Step 6: Find the SuperCam Plus and install it.

After installing the app, launch it on BlueStacks. Connect your cameras to the app via the IP link. After that, you will be able to see the camera cover.

Not all people are high caliber, some do not get it in short. So if you experience any complications, contact us through the comments box below.

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