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Unleash your full potential for love, health, success and self-esteem with this revolutionary new app from bestselling author Louise L. Hay.

Changing your thoughts can change your life, and through the constant repetition of positive thought patterns (affirmations), you can create your own future and take control of your life. But traditional affirmations, while powerful, can only get you so far … The unconscious conditioning and limiting beliefs that build up throughout our lives can make it nearly impossible to “stick” positive thoughts, allowing patterns to shift. negative thoughts keep appearing over and over again.

Until now.



This Affirmation Meditations app features 16 OF LOUISE’S MOST EFFECTIVE ‘POWER THOUGHTS’, delivered using an ‘ALL BODY’ INTELLIGENT LEARNING PROCESS that combines:

* DEEP RELAXATION – Incredibly beautiful and lively meditation exercises slow down your breathing to calm your body’s stress chemistry and open your mind to new inputs.

* ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY – Cutting edge audio brainwave technology helps you enter a receptive state that allows you to absorb what you are learning on a deeper level.

* MULTI-SENSORY LEARNING – Seeing, hearing, speaking and typing each affirmation multiple times, then repeating it while seeing yourself in the beautiful ‘mirror’ built into the app, roots positive thinking deep within your subconscious, wherever she does the best.

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* MULTI-MODAL ENTRY – Louise’s soothing, resonant voice moves through your head, uttering the affirmation in both first and second person, COMPLETELY BYPASSING YOUR “INNER CRITIC” (hence the negative voice of doubt that could usually ‘argue’ with the assertion can’t even be heard).

The end result is a powerful, life-changing meditative journey unlike anything you’ve ever experienced!



Once you download the app, you will have FREE and instant access to the first powerful affirmation meditation. You can then unlock more affirmations from the app to tune specific areas of your life. Use the power of Louise Hay’s world famous affirmations to:

* LOVE YOURSELF (FREE!) – Understand deep down in your soul that you are lovable and worth loving, for the simple reason that you exist.

* LOVE YOUR BODY – Learn to accept your body for what it is and make positive, lasting changes from a place of love, joy and excitement.

* FEEL HEALTHY AND ALIVE – Condition your mind to create vibrant health as Louise Hay guides you to create thought patterns that support vitality and well-being.

* EXPERIENCE INFINITE PEACE AND JOY – Find the source of peace within yourself so that you can experience deep peace and joy whenever you want.

* ACCEPT WEALTH AND PROSPERITY – Rather than working to “earn” money, use this powerful meditation to open yourself to the flow of prosperity into your life and attract the success you desire.

* ACCEPT LOVE – Harness the power of love you already have in your heart and turn it into a magnet for even more love.

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* EXERCISE WITH JOY – Overcome the negative attitude towards exercise and assert the power and wonder of your body.

* CREATE YOUR FUTURE – Create the life of your dreams and empower your “inner creator” to take control of your own destiny.


This unique app distills over 30 years of Louise Hay’s life-changing work into one easy-to-use transformational tool, at a tiny fraction of the cost of her popular books, lectures and workshops.

Download the app for FREE to get started and put these life-changing messages to work for you right now!

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