Maxthon Browser For PC, Laptop (Windows 10/8/7/XP)

Maxthon Browser provides a very intriguing interface for surfing the Internet. This web browser is known to be full software for Windows users. It covers all the basic needs of an internet user. For example, most web browser functionality is added to it by default. So you don’t need to install any addons or extensions for basic installations. Dark and incognito modes are available for your convenience. These modes are available for a secure and fast internet search experience. So it’s always good to Download Maxthon Browser for PC.

The option of multiple tabs is also available in this program. So in different browser tabs you are allowed to perform different tasks. Like taking notes online and creating their backup on cloud storage. Visit live streaming websites to watch or download online videos. Additionally, you can listen to audio tracks in the web browser. There is also an email manager that helps users stay in stealth mode while signing up on other websites. This means that you get a mirror email address to avoid falling victim to online scammers. In short, if you have a Windows PC or laptop, you should install Maxthon Browser for Windows at once.

For a better internet experience, you have some built-in features. Like ad blocker and password manager. You don’t need to purchase any premium ad blockers if you are using this web browser. Moreover, if you want, you can save all your important passwords inside. No need to worry about forgetting your passwords, as they are now all saved in your account. In addition, you can sync all your browsing data from one device to another. For that, just enter the same account in the other device that you registered in Maxthon Browser.

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Maxthon Browser for Windows – Details

File name mx5.3.8.2000.exe
Supported Operating System Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, XP, Vista (64 bit / 32 bit)
Developer Maxthon International Limited
Price Release
Cut 63 MB

Maxthon Browser for PC

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Maxthon Browser for Windows

Maxthon Laptop Browser

Maxthon Browser FAQ

Is Maxthon browser a good browser?

Maxthon Browser can be a good choice for every internet user. Because this web browser provides search results without inconvenience. Even if you use it to visit different web pages, you will find that it works efficiently. Besides, it is a secure web browser, so you can trust it to perform confidential online activities.

Is Maxthon a virus?

Maxthon Browser collects all of your software and hardware information. So it is always good to download it from reliable sources. But if you are talking about hiding your privacy, you can use the incognito mode. For more privacy and online security, you can get programs like Psiphon or Tor Browser.

How to update Maxthon?

Most of the time, Maxthon updates on its own. Because the automatic updates toggle is enabled by default. But you can still update it manually if you want. You can do this by opening the Check for Updates tab from the Maxthon menu. The software will start to check for updates, and if they are available, it will update your web browser without asking any questions.

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