NarcStop – Narcissistic abuse and recovery guide For PC Windows and MAC [Download]

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Are you living with a narcissist or some other type of toxic person? Here’s what you need to know.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a disease that is the subject of growing awareness, with the increase of internet communities and a clamor from psychology professionals in the field to update the definition of the disease in the DSM, the official classification of mental illnesses of the American Psychiatric Association.

People afflicted by this disorder generally lack empathy and moral compass, and are also masters of betrayal; a deadly combination that can drain those around them emotionally and physically for years, sometimes without the victim even noticing.

This app aims to provide you with a basic knowledge of what Narcissistic Disorder is, so that you can be better prepared against this real threat, take protective action when needed, and ultimately gain peace of mind and improve your quality of life.

Short units of text and video with testimonials and animations will introduce you to the basic concepts of narcissism so that you can get a general overview of the problem and what you can do about it.

The easy-to-understand, jargon-free explanations, referred by specialists and also recovering victims who tell their story, provide a rich insight into the different faces of the problem; narcissistic spouse or sentimental partner, narcissism in families… The way a narcissist reasons, the strategies he uses…

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Chances are that many remarks and descriptions will make you say “me too!”, Or remind you of someone you know at work, among your acquaintances or those around you. Or maybe you’ve been lucky enough to never meet one of these devastating personalities; Still, this information will help you spot the signs in the people you meet and take the proper precautions before you get too involved …

In this app you will learn:

* Easy ways to spot a narcissist

* Their different types and typical behaviors

* Clinical classification of narcissists

* Common techniques they use to manipulate your reality

* What is narcissistic abuse and what you can do if you think you may be suffering from it

* Recommended protection techniques and warnings when treating a narcissist

* The psychological damage that a narcissist causes in their psychology, unlike normal psychological functioning

* Other resources and support for victims of narcissistic abuse

An important distinction to make is that the word “narcissistic” is used here as an abbreviation for the condition called “narcissistic personality disorder”. The word is sometimes applied in everyday parlance to anyone who is considered “vain” or “too self-obsessed”. But there is a certain amount of narcissism that every normal human being has, and it is a healthy and necessary trait. It is only when it becomes dysfunctional and damaging to others that it becomes problematic.

Another common misconception is that many victims of narcissists, due to the manipulation techniques to which they are subjected (projection, gas lighting, devaluation, guilt …), often tend to wonder if they themselves are narcissists. . A general rule of thumb is that if you fear being a narcissist then you are not, as narcissists are by definition incapable of any personal or self-critical thinking.


This information is provided as a starting point, to put you on a path so that you can continue to learn on your own based on your particular situation, if applicable, or gain insight into this issue that affects millions of people. . Anyone can fall prey to a narcissistic personality if they are not forewarned, in fact this idea that “these things only happen to others” is one that a narcissist will gladly encourage and use against you. Don’t take the risk; improve your psychological health and find out about this real threat now.

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