STAR OCEAN ANAMNESIS through SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd. is an action packed RPG platform. Fighters with unique magical abilities have crossed the cosmos to defeat the Great Dark Lords. At first, the heroes thought they could come and go as they please. But they were wrong because now they are stuck in dimension. So, to leave the cosmos, they have to find the lady lord. Because she is the only one who knows the secret to mocking the forces of darkness.

This game can be played in single player and multiplayer mode. For single player players, they can choose to play in story mode. But still, they don’t have to fight alone. They are allowed to bring four heroes to fight alongside them. So one as the main character and four other characters as companions. They have to do a lot of things on their own. Like leveling, defeating all dark bosses, finding a way out of the cosmos, training their heroes and many more.

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The multiplayer mode comes with a lot of adventures and features. Players from all over the world can join. They can form a team to defeat bad bosses. Moreover, they can choose to compete against each other via the game servers. Compete against each other in dynamic battles.

However, to earn a lot of gaming rewards. Players can choose to participate in gaming tournaments. It will be difficult for them to beat players in the tournament, but it will be a good source for them to improve their playing skills. Because that there will be a lot of expert fighters from all over the world in the game tournaments. Moreover, this game comes with great 3d visual graphics and good sound effects.

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Download STAR OCEAN ANAMNESIS for PC under Windows Vista / XP / 7/8/10 and Mac OS X

This game can also be played on Windows and Mac devices using Android emulators. To play STAR OCEAN ANAMNESIS For pc, you need to install Android emulator on your Windows and Mac device. Follow the instructions below to download and install STAR OCEAN ANAMNESIS For pc and laptop.

  • Download the Nox app player. (Connect)
  • Install it on your PC.
  • Open Nox, click on the google folder.
  • Select the Play Store app.
  • Enter Gmail credentials.
  • Use the Play Store search, write and hit enter.
  • Select your game, click on the install button and accept the installation.
  • Once installed, click Open to play STAR OCEAN ANAMNESIS For PC.

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